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What is the best human resources / payroll software solution?

What is the best human resources / payroll software solution available for construction projects in 2015? I'm looking for a solution that is user friendly, functional, and mobile.

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Dexter + Chaney Announces New Mobile App for Payroll ...www.businesswire.com/.../Dexter-Chaney-Announces-Mobile-App-Payr...May 14, 2014 - SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software, announced the release of its new mobile app, ...Though construction is not my industry I have heard great things regarding the above listed application. I think your size may be a determining factor in overall cost effectiveness. Certainly it should be worth examining at any rate.

Hope this helps,

Erin Nelson


Request a demo from: http://www2.zenefits.com/redirect?utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=generic&utm_content=adwords&utm_term=adwords&pi_ad_id=51663628520&gclid=CIXAl4P45sMCFUpp7AodCFcAYg

If you are a small company might also want to check out QuickBooks, they offer all the Benefit and Payroll with their online services, They also have add-ons by Builder Trend or CoreCon to manage the project side of the construction business. https://apps.intuit.com/V2/search/construction+management. Pretty simple stuff, but you also want to coordinate with your accountant to meet their requirements.


It depends on certain factors like scope of HR functionalities,number of employees, the kind of services your are looking for etc...The latest in the market which is making news is workday, however there are other small and good players as well...


Depends on the Revenue size of the Company. Can you specify?

Anonymous User

Well you know how i feel About mobiles. I think RTI ,is one of the best payroll systems for HR


MypayrollHR is a great service you should check out. Our cloud based solution combines a powerful payroll & a web-based HR application along with the convenience of services typically offered by payroll outsourcing providers. Companies currently using payroll software for small business will benefit from the lower maintenance costs & improved security that our payroll solution has to offer.

Check out my profile for more information, or a way to contact me.


Ultimate and BambooHR

Anonymous User

Hi Justin,

Look for the latest Gartner HR software evaluations. They have the best answers for your question.

Also you can find very professional analysis and advices and you can make a short evaluation on: http://www.technologyevaluation.com/decision-support-systems/tec-advisor/



I would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to the full-fledged, completely customizable and almost comprehensive Payroll Software by Summit Tech.
Having understood the specific needs of the construction industry, developers from Summittech have worked day and night to produce an elegant and compelling payroll software that addresses many subjective issues arising in the payroll processing of the construction industry. The seamless integration of the software with existing accounting, inventory, and other CRMs, should make it a redundant choice for the construction industry in 2015.

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