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I am looking for a great life coach training program to get some credentials for starting my biz. Any ideas?

I am a spiritually lead person, so my life coaching will have that element too.

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Match your credentialing to the purpose behind your coaching, the content focus, the types of clients you want to work with, etc.

-Your venture needs to start with your legal structure and a biz plan. You can get free assistance with your business plan by going to score.org or contacting your local SCORE chapter to set up a face to face mentoring session with SCORE volunteers.

- The International Coach Federation is a recognized trade association for credentialing, networking, etc. Their site has a lot of resources for you to check out.

- Resource Associates Corporation in Reading, PA provides tools, certification training, and quarterly conferences for coaches. Their self-assessment tools include a segment on ethics and beliefs. They also provide diagnostics to help you and your clients do strengths-based development during your coaching process. They do periodic mutual evaluation sessions so you can see whether you and they are a good fit.

- As for reading material, I'd suggest Co-Active Coaching, Leadership and Self-Deception, Now Discover Your Strengths....gosh, there are a zillion depending upon your interests and your coaching focus. John Maxwell certainly is among the ones with a spiritual focus.

These are great resources and there are a ton more. Thanks for your post!!!

Anonymous User

Dear One

The spiritual path and the business path are two things that should not be apart, follow your hearth and let the universe lead your business this way you will have success:

The Gold Rules in a Business

a) Be humble to learn
b) Be persistent to win
c) Have always a positive mind
d) Do every thing with love
e) Believe in your self
f) Every day is a wonderful day to build an other step to your success.

All the success in the world


Credentials are not going to be your challenge or the difference, necessarily, in engaging clients. If you lack a perspective or point of view of your own, then you'll want to leverage someone's system. In that case get the training you need and the credential that happens to come with it.

Otherwise, credentials are overrated. You may be underselling your life and professional experiences and background.

Before embarking on a credentialing process and expense, get as focused as you can on what "life coaching" really looks like for you. It is a massive field and you need to understand your niche, target audience, and service. Do your business thinking now, well in advance, and the training/credentialing decision will be much more apparent.

Back in the mid-1990's I offered what would be called today a life coaching / stand-up training and certification program for The On-Purpose Person. Of the three days, it included a day of business consulting. Truth is 95% of the certified coaches couldn't engage a client. Get very clear with yourself. You will need to be a business person who does life coaching versus a life coach doing business. These are miles apart.

Be On-Purpose!


A logical first step is to identify or decide on your goals and your prospective client's goals.
With a clearly stated set of goals then list the alternative means of achieving them.
Generate alternatives.
Then develop criteria for evaluating the alternatives.
Select the best 3 alternatives and seek to strengthen each
Focus on the selected alternative and map out the pathway and the steps to success using the selected alternative.
Tom O'Connor


Hi Hollianne,

It's great that you have a clear idea of what you want your coaching niche to be as it will help you find the right school. There are many coach training programs out there. Find a program that is approved by the International Coach Federation as they set the bar for coach training globally. Call the schools and interview them about their program, view the student testimonials and speak to someone who has taken their training. Good luck with your journey on becoming a coach who will help others grow spiritually. My company offers a coach training program with a holistic wellness approach but not a specific spiritual bent. I wish you well.




What a lovely name!

There are a number of ICF Certified coach training programs. On their web site you can see a list. Your options are to take completely online program or go to a location and do the live, face to face work. That is ideal because you'll really learn the skills far better when practicing in person. That's also most costly.

The second approach is to take an online course. There are some important differences to keep in mind. Some programs will basically have phone based sessions and provide you with materials to study. These turn out to be very long conference calls which can be a bit of a pain and you'l need to make sure they offer a schedule of calls you can meet.

The third option which probably includes phone conference is web-based conference calls using technologies like GoToWebinar or SKYPE. Those are probably the best because you can use video to see each other.

I completed the program at the Institute of Life Coaching. It was very helpful and the trainers were really caring and knew their work. Another point is they offer a Board Certified Credential from the Center for Credentialing Education.

Best of luck,


Hi Hollianne - as you didn't specify the 'biz' to which you desire to apply your life coach training, I'll offer you a 10 minute strategy call to empower you to learn directly from your UNconscious what serves you best, guided by your inner truth (4th dimension+).

I'm very well versed, without bias, in many existing coaching programs, even designed, launched and led coaching programs for ICF accredited Institutes. And I'm launching my own Institute (to certify doctors in Hypnotherapy). Check my profile to see how it fits with your desire.

I welcome your call, no pitch, no obligation - it is how I pay it forward and I expect you will do the same ;-)

To your improved health, wealth and happiness, Hollianne



I believe that there are a variety of wonderful books for guidance in this area - have you Googled: books on life coach training?


Hello! I am not a life coach however, my speech and public speaking training offers many necessary tools to succeed in the business world. Good communication skills are important when telling potential clients about your business. Let me know if I can answer any of your questions! Good luck!


Hello Hollianne.
Congratulations on the beginning phases of starting your biz! You can check out thegahp.com. I have been through Shelley Riutta's business coaching training. She has a holistic focus with spirituality (not religion) in the training. Her certification is Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching. I'm sure she would be happy to talk to you if you contacted her. Some of my clients are in their own businesses and a HUGE component is public speaking and visibility training to reach those you are meant to impact. Let me know if you need further information. There is plenty and it's in simple, straightforward practical material.
To your awesome success in this new venture,
Cher Gunderson

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