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Have consultants had any luck generating leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

I am looking to expand my financial consulting business and thought LinkedIn Sales Navigator would be a useful tool in targeting small business owners through its InMail service. I have tried several different types of messages but have received virtually no responses after several months. I am wondering if other consultants have had any luck.

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I don't know of any consultants who have closed any business from contacts made on LinkedIn. IMHO the number of outbound emails you get via inmail is not enough to do a good email campaign. I do know a lot of consultants (me included) who have closed business and their profile and writings on LinkedIn have helped build enough credibility that it helped substantially.

I'd go back an look at your messages and ask one simple question, are the messages about the prospect and their issues or do they tout how good you are?

Thank you, I appreciate your response.

Anonymous User

I don't know if this is helpful, but I was one of the 1st million members of LinkedIn, so in that respect I am an old timer (OK, I am an old timer in other respects too!).

I joined LinkedIn after leaving a multinational I had worked for over 20 years as a way of keeping in touch with my ex-colleagues. My intentions were never to a) network with new people or b) create demand for my business or c) get a job offer.

Despite this, I have managed to connect with some really interesting people. I have written a few articles on there but mostly I publish articles on our own website and post the links on LinkedIn.

I have not used their Pay-per-Click service yet but I may try it this year but this has been mostly due to lack of time. If anyone gets involved with any PPC activity, whether via Google, LinkedIn or anyone else, then unless it is actively managed then it becomes a drain on your marketing budget without much results. This is not just LinkedIn issue but everyone else's too.

We do generate traffic to our website (or websites I should say), via posting of information and articles but conversion is zero!

I have spoken to many users and the answers are contradictory to LinkedIn's own reports. I am not surprised as all of us in sales and marketing know own numbers are really not a good measure as they are a twist on the available facts (perhaps not quite “Alternative Facts” but just a little biased twist!).

In summary, I have yet to meet anyone who with any real data that could prove “I get XYZ from LinkedIn with ROI of X”. The data I see are all from either LinkedIn or agencies who try to sell “Support” for LinkedIn. In my book that does not really count, but that is because I am an old cynic and I have been in Sales and Marketing for far too long for my own good! I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a direct experience of LinkedIn usage with proper independent and verifiable data.

Anonymous User

LinkdeIn Sales Navigator is generating leads on a daily basis for us at http://linkedsuperpowers.com/ It provides us with extreme precision in targeting our ideal prospects through its advanced search functions. Remember that any prospecting effort we undertake on the LinkedIn platform will not be as effective if we don't have a Professionally crafted and fully optimised LinkedIn presence. Since the first thing that our prospects will do when we approach them (i.e. via InMail) is visit our LinkedIn Profile.


We help consultants get business from LinkedIn all the time. It's where we also get most of our leads. Hubspot says LinkedIn is the #1 social media site for B2B lead generation. The problem I've seen is that many consultants aren't sure what system to use to make it work for them. It does also take consistent effort, a proven system and an investment of about 30 minutes daily, but we've found the results are impressive.


Paul.. I use LI Premium and I am using LinMail Pro to send email campaigns. I have opened up conversations. I send links to my best content as part of the conversation.


While this is a non-answer, I do want to thank you for posting this question, as I've also been curious about results of this strategy.


Update - I have continued to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and am happy to report that I have secured new business through its use. No silver bullets, a lot of trial and error and definitely some good luck.

Thank you Paul for updating the community on how your experience is going with LinkedIn Sales Navigator! I hope the business advice you received here helped.

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