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I have a brand story and I want a journalist to cover it. How can I reach them?

Hello everyone,

I write for multiple platforms like Business.com, TNW and so on. A few days back, I spoke with a CEO of a clothing brand and I really inspired their USP.

The question he asked me, how can he reach out to a journalist to cover that story?

Any tips and leads will be appreciated!

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The first step to 'get a journalist to cover your brand story' is to identify the right media outlets, and then the specific journalist[s] at that outlet who cover your industry or topic.

You then may need to make a shift in mindset.

You need to craft a story that their audience will care about. This may require a different way of thinking - thinking like a journalist and their reader [your ideal prospect].

Ask yourself - what is their reader interested in? Why should they care? Then tell your story in a way that answers those questions. Doing so will make it much easier to get the media to cover your story.

A lot of public relations is about relationships - you can start by building relationships with the journalists that you would like to work with. Follow them on social media, comment on their articles, share their articles... that way, when you go to pitch them your story, your name/company will already be familiar.

Good luck!


Hi Mehmood,

In my experience, having been on both sides of the spectrum, as an entrepreneur seeking media coverage and as the owner of a PR firm, one key way to pitch a story to a journalist is to be sure it fits in with current affairs. It can't just be a story about the company itself but should also be pitched as being tied to or linked to a hot topic, buzzworthy or timely news story in some way. I was told this tidbit directly from a major producer in Canada for CTV Morning Live (CTV News is Canada's national equivalent to FOX).

Also, using your "people", so to speak, like your publicist, manager, agent, etc., to pitch the story is much more professional and way more likely it will be at least given a read through. If you're a small entrepreneur who can't afford a publicist, for example, "fake it until you make it." Create a press email and press contact to reach out to them. I know it sounds "shady" but, it really works if media outlets hear from your team and not you directly. Morally, it's up to you, but I've heard many-an-entrepreneur do this successfully.

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Thanks, this was helpful.


Hello Mehmood,

The first thing that comes to mind for me is, what makes that CEO's story special, unique, attractive to research, interview and tell? How can it most relate to the targeted audience? Once the CEO knows all that and it is clearly defined, pitching it to journalists that have covered somewhat similar stories and whom would love you to make their job easier by sharing a short, thought-provoking pitch should be interested. Just my two cents.

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