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I have a holding company in DE and an LLC in GA. How can I operate the LLC in GA?

I have a holding company in DE and an LLC in GA. What do I need to do to have the holding company in DE and own the LLC in GA, but still operate the LLC in the state of GA?

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I am a non-lawyer, so my commentary is for informational purposes only. Recently, I was faced with a similar issue; however, my resolve is a corporate conversion to DE and foreign entity in the HQ state. Typically, intrastate and interstate commercial transactions can become quite complex, and as such you may need to consultant an attorney to get the appropriate course of action. You should contact your local SCORE office or search for Small Business Legal Clinics in your area for assistance. Below are attached two reference sites that I use, which could be of value to you.

Best of luck,

Alegra N Horne


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