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I have a multi-niche blog/website, can you suggest ways I can attract quality readers?

Hey there, I am Amanpreet Singh. I am a 19-year-old blogger, currently running a multi-niche blog, in which we write about Tech, Entertainment, and Automotive.

Here is a link to my blog: http://likelyfad.com

I want to ask about some strategies to attract quality readers and have a better ranking.

Do let me know what you like on my site, and what you don't. I will try to solve the issues for sure.

Amanpreet Singh

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Best way to attract quality readers is by creating quality content. One of the ways to measure quality content is to see how much time your visitors are spending on the site. This can be measured in google analytics. Also you should submit all articles to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Stumble Upon and Flipboard to provide greater exposure for your content. By putting the articles out there and tagging them for their relevant content, you will surely get more quality traffic to your site.

Anonymous User

Hi, well done on creating the content, it can be hard to create good content and you have done that but there doesn't seem to be that many targeted key words on your page. The first step is to identify the customers you want to attract to read your content. The next step is to identify the content you want to attract them with. Take time to list your keywords such as technology which is a broad keyword and add some more niche specific terms in there. Make sure your blog has these visible and your content also. Whilst you don't want to fill your blogs with keywords, you are going to have to include them to direct the traffic to the right place and help people find you. Writing blog can be rewarding but also frustrating when no one seems to know its there. Whilst it takes time for sure, there are things you definitely have to do.

Make sure also you join the right communities for your niche, join communities where you can submit your content and drive more traffic to your blog. There are many more things you can do but this is the first step before you go on to explore other SEO tips, hope this has helped a bit and good luck.


Attracting loyal readers is a problem every site on the internet is trying to conquer (besides Google of course). There is really not one answer, despite the painfully vague "Quality content".

You really can't get a loyal following by writing about whatever you feel like. Topics as far apart and entertainment, tech and auto should be treated separately.

But, nonetheless, here are some tips:

E-mail marketing - Put together a gimmick (such as a free iPad giveaway) in order to attract e-mail subscribers.

SEO keyword research - Low hanging fruit, look for "People also asked" suggestions in Google search result, these are easy articles to write and can rank easily in the google answer box.

Niche communities - As the previous answerer mentioned, participate in niche communities. Such as you are doing here, by leaking traffic over to your block from business.com members, you can do that with niche forums, etc. But you probably already know that ; - )

But really, you should become an expert in one area, not 3. Only way to really get a loyal audience.

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