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Anonymous User

How do I attract clients for my new accounting and tax consulting business?

I have just started an accounting and tax consulting business in Karachi, Pakistan. How do I get new clients for my business? I need your advice.

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There are many ways to get attention of people for your business. Its a strategic process. The first step is to find target client. Things you need to focus about your client are: How easy are they to deal with? How much total revenue do they generate? Can you work quickly and effectively with them? How profitable are they? Do they bring positive exposure? Do they create connections to other great clients? You can either partner with other qualified and trusted professionals.
Look for the businesses with the same approach to technology.
Try to expand your network. Use speaking engagements and seminars to raise your profile. You can extend your reach with social media, blogs and content marketing.
Hope these tips will help you.

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