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I have published several children's books. Is it a good idea for me to hire a literary agent? Thanks!

Would a literary agent be beneficial for promoting my children's books or am I better off promoting them myself?

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Anonymous User

Send the books to publishers, if they like them and want to print - then get one. If you have to pay for your own publishing - then consider why they didn't offer you a package.
Go to Amazon and Kindle etc.

Read articles by fellow authors, on how they did it.

Or speak to a literary agent and ask 3 or more on their opinions?

Ask a critic to critique your work, you'll think it great but will they?

Remember J K Rowling wan't accepted by publishers in the first place!

Thank you for your answer!


One of my book author friends likes to send out advance copies of her new books to try to get some buzz going prior to actual release. Depending on the success of your books, you may or may not want to hire an agent. But if you go that route, you may still want the pre-release buzz. That's one place where a good agent could help.

Thank you!


Suggest you reach out to Danielle at www.daniellefetherson.com/ for advice
Good Luck!

Thanks for your advice!

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