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I literally don't know what to do next. Am I capable of being a business owner?

I'm working full time trying to get my small business to attract customers. I think I have a good social network presence, but I'm finding it difficult to continue taking action and push forward. I find myself waiting for customers. I know that ain't gonna happen unless I take action every day.

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Hi Jim, If you don't have the energy to initiate action to attract clients, it's likely that a subconscious pattern is at work, doing its best to keep you safe from success, and therefore failure.

In some cases, the more success we have, the more responsibility we feel to maintain it. If we don't succeed, we don't risk failure.

Usually, if we lack the impetus to do something, it's because of an internal pattern, such as the one I just described, which was set up early in life to deal with the circumstances encountered at the time. That aspect of consciousness has no idea that it's now at a different phase of life, and capable of taking a more constructive course of action.

In my line of work, I see a lot of entrepreneurs who can shine in their field of endeavour once they understand what has been holding them back internally.

The world does not happen to you. All of your interactions and external experiences are informed by your internal reality. How you show up in the world is expanded or limited by your patterns. Once those patterns are brought to consciousness, you have more clarity, more motivation and vitality, and a greater presence when meeting others.

Please let me know if you would like more information or assistance.


Hi Jim,

Like most small business’s one of the major problems is that you wear so many hats; Sales, Marketing, Lead Generation, Customer Support, Product, Accounting and the list goes on and on. This becomes overwhelming and a lot of times we just want to through in the towel. Remember to take it one step at a time. Let’s tackle the Marketing Hat. One of the first things you need to do is put a marketing strategy together.

Before we go on, let me put a plug in for MosiacHub Marketers. There are many marketing experts on this site that would love to take this “Hat” over for you. That would allow you to focus on nurturing your prospective leads, converting them into reoccurring partners, instead of always focused on finding new ones.

First let’s weigh your target audience against the services you provide.
a. From your website, I was able to gather that these are the main services you currently provide.
viii. ??? Which of these should be your area of focus? Which ones offer reoccurring client/revenue potential? What’s your value proposition for each of these services.

b. What is your target audience for each of these?
i. Law Enforcement (Repeat Business Potential)
ii. Lawyers (Repeat Business Potential)
iii. Lead Aggregators (Repeat Business Potential)
iv. 1 off clients (Possible Referrals word of Mouth)
v. ??? Who else

There are currently 120 Licensed Private detective agencies in Kansas that have 300 licensed PIs and 165 independent PIs. So for any of your potential clients they have 465 different PIs to choose from. What makes you stand out from the pact? How many of those PIs can offer the same Computer Forensic skills that you offer? Where are your clients searching for these services?

Some quick wins are inbound Lead suppliers. Have you signed up / partnered with the many inbound lead suppliers.

Also I found this older article on 13 Private Investigator Marketing tips that have some good marketing ideas in there to get started. https://www.pinow.com/articles/1130/private-investigator-marketing-13-tips


Do you have a business strategy in place for your business? How are you trying to attract customers? Just having followers on Social Media will not cut it - that is about attracting them and showing you are a subject matter expert - that is marketing - not sales. You have to sell products and services and utilize marketing where your customers are. If you are "waiting on " customers, it will be a very long wait. You have to spend money and time on marketing which is very dependent on your target market and what you are selling.

There is more to a business than selling - you have to have all of the pieces in place of what your goals are, who is your target market (and that cannot be everyone) - you have to be targeted. You have to have a go to market strategy that reaches the targets, what is your value proposition, your mission, does your pricing make sense, are you reaching your target market by where you are marketing, do you have all your processes in place and need to have a handle on your financials.

The problem is if you are not taking the right action, then you will get very frustrated over time. It isn't if someone is capable of being a business owner, it is whether you are able to learn to be a business owner or want to. We work with business owners every day that are great at what they do but admit they don't know business and coach them in the areas they need help, and they are eager to learn. Business coaching is something that might work for you. The key is whether you want to learn business and go through the process as when you are on your own - you are Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, & HR rolled into one - but each area exists in every business - it is just to what extent.

Here is an article I read a long time ago in Entrepreneur that has a Quiz with it on do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur that might help you answer that question for you as no one can answer it but you. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246454. If you are then it is just understanding and learning the skills that you need.


Hi Jim,
You have really great responses here to your question.
Jeff has truly taken a big picture view for you.

What troubles me about your work is you are waiting for customers. HUGE error #1.

Based upon Jeff's analysis, the piece you are sitting on and overlooking is your expertise in Digital Forensics. Every element you offer defaults back to Digital.

My recommendation is you reinterpret your business using Jeff's analysis and get on the phone and present your Digital Forensic solution.
Keep in mind, people understand the words "Digital' and "Forensic" but have no real idea of what that means for them and their business. It is your job/ your responsibility to not only help your audience understand but educate them around what the problems really are and how your analysis will uncover the 'holes' and provide them a prospective solution.

You are starving your business by not assertively, aggressively going after business and educating your potential market. I think your market may be on LinkedIn.

Jim, with all due respect, waiting is NOT an option.

Hope this helps.


Adding to Walter's advice which is critical for success which you should turn to a pro to do who knows how to get that segment right is this:

One key issue is recognizing what you do well. like to do and then contracting out the rest. This frees you up to do the part of the business you went into business to do. Yes its that simple - stop wearing all the hats and free up YOU to do what YOU like doing.

Example - You love cabinet building, are great at it and decide to go into business for yourself but you are not a sales type nor are you comfortable trying to sell. You need customers to thrive so you try to sell and resort to competitive quotes instead of value selling where you can get folks to see the value of using you v others and they hire YOU on the spot.. STOP THAT trying to sell ASAP..

Contract out a great sales type who love and knows how to sell value, not price and can close a sale that way. This person can get you the accounts and then, all you do is build and install the cabinets. See what I mean-make that investment now.

Use a contracted service who is already expert at that, love it, can get you the jobs so you can spend your time being a cabinet maker and making a great living at it with many contracts consistently and reliably there for your services..

See what I mean!.

You dont need to know how to run a business, you need to know how to accept your own limits and shortfalls, then contract that part of the business out to the folks who are great at that part and then you can focus on and get to do what you are in business to do.

Try it.


I believe there is a strong relationship aspect to your work. I know others will say this is wrong but you are good looking professional and you need to be walking into attorney practices looking for connections. I think Bonita is dead on in her assessment. To get past that you need rules to know what a day looks like, you need to set x appointments with new firms, meet 1 new person via networking, sit in on trials that could relate to your work and tell both the defense and prosecutor about yourself (as is professionally appropriate). A scoring system on activity will keep you moving and not let you get stuck.

I see this with people all the time, you didn't realize your number one job was sales when you started this did you? Leave your house (not to walk the dog) and take charge. If you want to bounce ideas around reach out to me directly. (cant post email addresses).

All the best,

Anonymous User

Hi Jim,

I run a small, experienced UK Digital Marketing agency called Odyssey New Media (odysseynewmedia.com).

I know the feeling when you're small. What I have learned in 2-3 years of doing this full-time is that it will take the pressure off if you build a good sales pipeline.

Here are my top channels for building/driving your sales:

1) Networking - This is time consuming but will get you in front of other small-medium business owners who may want you to work for them and also refer you business. Focus on networking and not sales and the sales should come.

2) Email Marketing - build your email marketing list. Use something like Mail Chimp and import all the contacts you have who wouldn't mind being emailed or have opted in to your mailing list.

3) Website - Make your website the hub of your digital marketing. You can track everything and test marketing campaigns that are sent through to your website. Remember to build testimonials and client case study material so you can push direct conversions and enquiries through on your website.

4) Search - SEO and PPC - ranking for key local and national terms for your industry.

5) Telesales - You might struggle to get time for phone calls - so either block out 4 hours a week minimum or hire someone to make the calls for you. Make sure that you work out and test some variation scripts and approaches so you can see what works better. For our business we offer a free 2 hour consultancy worth £120 of our time. Many people are interested if you are at least giving something away for free or some kind of analysis etc.

I hope the above strategies help, these are the channels I have found to be strongest for you but there are others including Social Media, Video, Direct Mail marketing, real-world banners and advertising signs etc.

If you need any help regarding Digital Marketing items or web design/development then feel free to get in touch, you can call me on +44(0)7940420201 or email me on rstoubos(at)odysseynewmedia.com(dot)com.



Owner/MD of Odyssey New Media Ltd
tel: +44(0)7940420201
email: rstoubos(at)odysseynewmedia.com(dot)com.


You have received a wealth of information regarding your issue.

Why did you get into this business? If you have a strong enough Why it would pull you through. So take some time and really look at where you are and where you want to go. see and feel the process to get you there. Is this what you want?

If it is these are some things to think about:

With so many licensed Private Detective Agencies in Kansas the challenge is to differentiate your company in order to attract clients.

You may want to review your business plan - especially your SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Review your marketing strategy - who is your ideal customer and where do you find them. Since you are not selling essential services you need to employ new and revamp ways to attract clients:
- run some free sessions on what you do and the benefits for the client. This gives you a free list of persons you can send infor to. Keep their phone numbers so you can let them know when you are having more free sessions and they can also invite their friends and associates. Text marketing works well here. If you have an interest let me know.
- attend free presentations where you can meet persons who fall into your target market. Be specific on telling them what problems you solve but be interested in what they do also.
- offer to do free presentations at clubs, business staff meetings, parents meetings etc.
- send some flyers with what you do - use your testimonials - don't just deliver the flyers- Send in a colored envelope address to the head of the household or if it is a company address to the decision maker.

Review your resources - do you need additional human resources? Do a work flow chart - are there functions that can be outsourced? Do you need to upgrade your systems?

These are just some thoughts feel free to contact me if you believe I can help further.

Hope these were helpful


If, as I assume, you are good at what you do, you should eventually succeed by simply identifying your weaknesses outside of your core service and finding solutions you can outsource or deploy. But I don't believe chasing clients is the way to do that unless you can make a good living with just a handful of regular clients.

I think Jeff R. did a great job of breaking down the marketing questions you should be asking yourself to build a marketing campaign. He has done more research than I have on your particulars, but it occurred to me that with your areas of expertise, those investigation firms he calls your competition may in fact be your A list of customers. If you can or do sell niche expertise to other investigation companies it would make your target market for advertising nice and small. For example you could reach the 400+ investigators with a direct mail piece multiple times on a very reasonable budget. If you do need to reach the masses directly, you will need a different medium. For a small business in a large market, Google Ads would likely be a better medium. It allows you to experiment with A/B testing to find the best keywords and ad text that translates into sales. And you can start with a small budget and increase the spending as the results improve and justify it.

From my perspective the number one reason small businesses fail is not enough advertising. For most businesses its far more important than social media. The top reasons I hear from owners is "I can't spend like my competitors because I don't have their sales". This leads to the "which came first - the chicken or the egg" argument. But unless they have a small monopoly, there is no doubt they have those sales because they advertise - they could not have grown to their stature otherwise. The second argument I hear is "I prefer word of mouth". I always reply to that the same way... The number one benefit of advertising is word of mouth. The ROI in that area far exceeds immediate sales. Advertising is word of mouth on steroids. Those who advertise most are the greatest believers in the power of word of mouth.

The second most common reason small businesses fail is poor quality of advertising. Some people believe having a weak ad is always better than having no ad at all, but weak ads can be very detrimental. You have no doubt seen ads where the only thing you took away is that the company looks unprofessional, low-end and you wouldn't trust them. But sometimes that terrible brochure is actually misrepresenting a very good product or service.

So advertise and advertise well. Don't fail just because no one knew you were out there.
Best of Luck,


Owning a business isn't hard...selling, now that's hard. I would suggest getting expert sales skills from someone who knows what you need to do (behaviors) and can give you a plan that works with your reality with an accountability element. If you think you will revert back to putting out social posts and aggressively waiting for the phone to ring...you might seriously consider getting a job instead. There is no shame in that but it's not usually a good success indicator if you aren't driven to succeed as an owner.

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