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How do I drive growth for an online social and intellectual community?

I'm about to launch a knowledge market startup here in Nigeria with the aim of connecting African intellectuals with the rest of the world. How can I social media platforms to drive growth?

The platform is a composite social intellectual community with the features of questions and answers, articles and reviews, riddles and solutions, and published books. The model will depend on Google and local advertisement. Additionally, we are also integrating a premium account for users who are downloading a large amount of content from the platform.

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I would start by forming 2-3 strategic social groups. Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps one other would be a good place to begin.

Create a group in each that is very clear and very specific. Then start promoting the group in forums and other places where your target audience is gathering online.

Have clear objectives for the group as well as clear benefits for group members.

Thanks for your response it's appreciated.

Anonymous User

Hi Mohammed,

May I suggest using LinkedIn for your start-up, from there you will be to connect and network experts in your chosen field.

Anonymous User

My Suggest using Seo Forum Facebook Group Page .. TodayKos.com Latest breaking Top Story.

Thanks for your response, it's appreciated.


Try to connect more with Social Influencer as they say "Network is Net Worth", So build a relationship with people.

Digital Ads

Thanks for your prompt response, it's appreciated.

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