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Can you recommend an SEO expert to check my website?

I need an SEO expert to check my website fault. In one year, I have created an affiliate website but my search visitor has seen no improvement. I have a lot of posts but my keyword search is only 3k and the daily search visitor is only on average 30. But I could not find any SEO problems. Therefore I need advice from an SEO expert.
Can anyone inform me below on what to do or give me a well-reputed website link? You can check out my site here: .

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The job of search engine optimization is to optimize your site, making your site search engine friendly, easily indexed by search engine and shown in high positions. Internal optimization, or called on-site optimization, includes keyword definition, meta tag generation, content writing, and the creation of robot.txt file. External optimization, or named as off-site optimization, is link exchange.

The principle behind these jobs is that major search engine uses content relevance and link popularity as the key factors to rank your site. Other factors (maybe hundreds) include link title, domain name, etc. Of course, you are not able to work on each deciding factor. I suggest that you focus on the two factors first.


Well, I can help. I've helped many businesses. Reply to me or contact me via our website: https://www.vocso.com

Thanks, Deepak. We will contact Neil Patel and add our site to their SEO team. I think this topic is closed.


Hi Syed Tutul. I checked your website at ahrefs.com. You have a good website. However, since April you have been losing referring domains dramatically. Use ahrefs to check it, it is a good tool.

I have used ahrefs for two years. My question is - why is my keyword search not increasing? Where are my problems?


Hello Syed,

In our company, we offer web development and SEO services. Please answer with your website URL and we will send you our proposal and recommendations.

Our website url is: pixelperfect.com.ar

My website is Best10top.com.
You can email me at SmrahmanDOTtutul@gmail.com.


I don't get it, where is the website? I must pm you for it.

Just look above Best10top. It even confused me what the website is.


Hey, Syed. Your site is doing good. You also can use Wikipedia, which is the 5th largest website in the world, in terms of traffic, can be a great tool for SEO. It would say, Wikipedia is not limited to SEO, but helpful for PR, ORM and it is a powerful marketing tool for personal branding as well. But difficulties arise when you solely use the platform for your purpose only.

Wikipedia is not a platform for promotion and advertising. It's an encyclopedia, there are some rules and regulation, which you need to adhere to make your article stick forever. If you do not follow the guidelines or violate Wikipedia's policy, the article gets flagged.

If anyone would like a long-term Wikipedian to consult on the "Wiki-worthiness" of a certain topic, you may contact to www.wikipediaservices.com. Thanks.


You are not ranking for anything on page 1 except shoe brands logos, and that is an image, not exactly a buyer intent keyword eh! Any SEO worth his salt can tell you what the problems are in 10 minutes of looking.

You guys just killed your time here. I need specific reasons, where's the problem?

Maybe with a better attitude people might help you?


Affiliate marketing and optimization needs perfection and proper techniques to get higher results. My friend is planning to hire one of the favorable seo consulting for her super market launch in nearby areas. Website is being done almost and I think arranging some discounted selling would help us more.

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