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What can I do to help find my niche for blogging and writing compelling content?

I am looking for help on devising a social media and marketing strategy for my blog. I want the blog to be free and have a real website look with SEO tips & tricks, and content that helps convert into sales. (I am planing to monetize this blog with Adsense and affiliate marketing).

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There must be well over 1,000 new blogs established every single day on the topic you have selected. 99.9% of them simply regurgitate the same- old-same-old. Honestly Ram, I would choose anything rather than "SEO tips & tricks", the chances of you ever achieving dominance or attracting money are phenomenally slim, unless you have an amazing new spin on the subject.

Judging by your question you simply don’t have that innovative or differentiated approach that is essential to gaining any profile within possibly the most overcrowded sector of the blogging world.

Based on the information you have posted I would genuinely recommend that you find something less difficult to do.



Good morning. The best place to start is to run an extensive keyword report that will be run based around the keywords & phrases you know about, your website & your competitor's websites to give you a good idea of the best keywords & keyword phrases to go after as well as which ones you have the best chance at ranking for faster. From here, what you will write about will come down to some publishing creativity but this will give you some focus and guidance from the outset.

Best of luck and feel free to let me know if you'd like to talk further about this.




What are your target prospects' "hot buttons"? Although I was focused on marketing messages and getting prospects' attention, I did a brief video on this. If you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/embed/QJpfuoJ3w3w


I think you might be looking at things a bit backward. I would recommend you analyze who your ideal customer is/are. Once you have a clear "Persona" then you can tailor your blog and content based on their pain points.


The first thing you need to do is thoroughly understand what content is really valuable to your target audience. Ask yourself, "whare is my audience, what do they want to know and why is it important to them?". Many ameteur marketers make the mistake of thinking everyone wnats what they share and this is simply not the case.

Once you have a clear view of the sudience, find out where they hand out on the net. You will need to bring your blog essge to them before they will want to come looking for you.

Finally, be consisent! Daily blogging works great if you maintain dialy posts.

Depending on the type of content you share and how well you target your audience, it will probably take 6-9 months before you will have enough visibility and followersw to justify adsense.

Finally, study your competition. This will help you steer clear of doing things in a similar fashion. After all, if your point of view is not unique enough to draw distinctions between you and others blogging about similar topics, you'll have trouble monetizing your blog down the road.


There's an old saying that goes, "To find a friend, first you have to be friend..." or something like that. I also think you are backwards.

You might consider MAKING (not finding) your niche instead of 'aimlessly wandering the streets hoping for someone to like you'. 'Making' has a purpose, a plan and a direction. 'Finding' is a little more aimless and lost, less purpose, and not as alluring to others. Be interesting. Create content of whatever flavor you favor and start making it. Quit worrying about finding your niche and do something that (again) makes your own niche. People tend to find good stuff on topics they like, need, or want, and that leads to them liking the author, which leads to a relationship or at least a follow - and that's how it happens. Organically, over time, quality content, in a nice steady drip release. Put the story on the blog and an excerpt on Twitter. Maybe even something on Snapchat or whatever your next socmed channel preference may be.
If you are in a hurry your desire will likely fail. If you are in it because you believe in your idea, I think that will show through and that enthusiasm will attract even more.
my .02

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