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I need software to host audio files and transcripts, so each "buyer" has to sign in to get access. Can you recommend any?

I need software to host audio files and transcripts that I'm selling, so this content can't be easily shared and one needs to sign in so I am selling seats vs just sending a link. Any suggestions which software solution?

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Anonymous User

Hi Donna

Here are links to 2 Joomla Membership Plug-in vendors . There are about half-a-dozen of products on each of these plug-in download sites, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.



However before you choose something from the list, you need to consider if you need to sell “Corporate” or “Group” memberships as not all of these can cope with Group Membership. Other than that anyone with reasonable knowledge of Joomla should be able to install, configure and activate any of these without much trouble.

You have mentioned you are planning to keep the "Products/Files" off site (i.e. not on your website server). You need to check if these plug-ins can cope with that as this adds another layer of complication including integration and security to your deployment. Pesonnally I would not recommend this approach but it can be done.

I hope these help and good luck

Anonymous User

Hi Donna,

There are a number of solutions available that can be easily integrated into an existing website. (If you already have one)

Most of these applications are available through software vendors like themeforest or evanto and also as open source (free to use) depending on your budget.

The most important element in your requirement though I belive will be your webhosting. You need to find a webhost that will allow large files storage (especially if they are going to be accesseed frequently) and increase your bandwidth if needed.

Depending on your budget, i will suggest to find a good developer who can customise or tweak an already available solution and integrated into an existing or new template - with UX-I in mind and most cost effective.

Tha advantage of having an "integrated" all in one solution is that all your data is available for observation and analysis on demand through a CP.

Hope this helps and feel free to connect if I can be of further help.

Happy to recommend, best of luck.

Thank you, I had hoped storage would be offsite via a webasp but I will take into account we may have to host - we already have a JOOMLA site with a database, the files are not that heavy, I think we should be fine there, but thanks for putting this on my radar screen.

Anonymous User

Hi Donna, You're welcome. If you already have a joomla powered website then you should be able to find a plugin that takes care of the membership management. That said, if you're looking for something bespoke, you may need to or find someone to tweak it a little to integrate with your existing database. Happy to recommend. Best of luck


You need to run your needs by a web developer who can custom code it for you. As far as which programming languages to be used, you'll get all different types of responses because once you get past HTML, CSS and Javascript a lot of them are built to achieve the same things in different ways, so you'd just have to inquire about what makes their specialty more suitable than another and go from there.

Anonymous User

Not what it is meant for but to me the ideal solution would be Teachable (used to be called Fedora).

It has a zero cost option that will do what you want - you can charge what you choose or nothing at all, and Teachable will handle payment processing, handle membership and login, host your audio and any other (video, text etc) content, and allow you to structure and annotate that content. You can email members from the platform, or link to MailChimp. If you upgrade, you can use Zapier to integrate with almost anything. There is an active Facebook group when you need advice or inspiration.

Other similar services exist (like Zenler) but i don't have direct experience with them.


What you need is composed of several software pieces integrated together.
Kind of like you getting all the ingredients to bake a cheesecake.

Here is to start

1. Place to Store stuff (Database) - Check out "AirTable.com"
2. A Membership Site - What you can use is "Slack.com" for paid members
3. Payment Solution - Stripe.com or SquareUp.com
4. A Customer form or Sales Landing Page - Use TypeForm.com
5. The Glue that puts all parts 1-4 together, Zapier.com


6. Marketing - try ConvertKit.com

This is just a taste of what is involved, so you have your work cut out for you.

There are All-in-one or One-Size fit all solutions, but in my experience, too expensive, cumbersome, complicated, not so easy to use and configure.

The best thing is focus on each Step (Task), and find the software that does that ONE task the best, and then add piece after another.


Step 1. Signup
Step 2. Payment
Step 3. Storing the information
Step 4. Giving members access
and so on

Think of each ACTION VERB = TASK
which translate into ONE Software piece to meet this ONE TASK

Here is an article that will help you and summarize the points I made

Thank you I will look at these solutions, we already use one shopping cart, so I only need storage and membership and I hoped it would be through a web asp, perhaps though we can find a plug-in for our JOOMLA site.

also keep in mind this, with any TOOL comes MAINTENANCE. The better the tool, the less headache you deal with in this and issues, cause the problem with tech, you have to baby sit a lot of problems, you want to minimize the support level for each solution in software, cause that is a TIME cost to you and your team. Many focus on how great TOOLS are, but fail and overlook the time and cost to support it, keep it, and maintain it.

It is like buying a car, what car do you want, a Flashy car with high maintenance, or a Reliable car that gets you to your destination and you don't have to worry about it. LOW maintenance


A shopping cart system like Woocommerce can support digital download orders (paid or free). More info here: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/digitaldownloadable-product-handling/ You can host the audio files as a product.


If your site's in Wordpress, I'd go with the EasyDigitalDownloads plugin. Hands down, it'll do what you want and it's incredibly easy to set up and use! I'm in the midst of using it myself for downloading images on my photography website.


x2 what Mike C writes wrt Teachable. A very interesting revenue platform for multimedia.

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