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Anonymous User

Where can I find Graphic Designers who will provide editing photo services for my business?

I am trying to launch a website which will provide services to people for editing photos. How can I get people with graphic design experience and who know photoshop to work with me?

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First of all best of luck for your business.

As per my personal experience, you can get best services related to your work from upwork, fiverr, guru, peopleperhour.

Anonymous User

Thanks Rahis

I have been using fiverr for a while and love it, I guess my main challenge is to stop paying people to do the work one a one to one basis and instead persuade graphic designers from Universities to work with me editing images. They I can pay them a day rate instead of each image, I think that would be more profitable.


I would strongly recommend PeoplePerHour where you can find good quality graphic designers. If you are tight on budget, Fiverr will also do.


I recently had some photoshop work done for a client via Upwork.com I was very clear in my ad that we needed the work performed in under 24 hours and the finished editing cost was $5 per image.


Looking for a graphic designers? Hi-Tech BPO has a specialist team of graphic designers with having years of experience in photo editing especially for product photos, property photos, fashion, jewelry, etc. http://www.hitechbpo.com/image-editing-and-retouching.php


One of my friend's organization is really expertise in image editing and they have bunch of photoshop experts. see their website http://www.visualspiders.com/
currently they are mention as presentation specialist but also they providing services like photo editing, abstract creation etc.


You can hire freelancers online with skills and expertise in graphic design and photoshop. Its best if you check out on Upwork and Hubstaff Talent for pooling people whom you think has the best potentials and experiences needed in your venture.



I agree with the above-mentioned, there are a lot of websites where you can look for graphic designers to help you.
You can find them on:

1. Upwork
2. 99designs
3. Fiverr
4. Freelancer.com
5. PeoplePerHour
6. Dribbble

Hope it helped :)


There is an easy solution for you. For eCommerce, product image editing; simply visit now https://photopixc.com, there is a pool of talented photo editors.

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