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I run a personal money service site. As a business expert, what would you suggest to grow our brand?

We are really looking forward to the improvements we need to make (content, design, CTA, user experience both on mobile and desktop versions). What do we lack to give our brand more credibility?

Thank you so much. I am ready to hear the most terrifying critics!

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Hi Ali,

Without seeing your brand and website, it's hard to say off the top of my head but I'll give it a go (in brief).

The most important part of any brand development process is understanding your audience. Who are they? What do they like? What keeps them awake at night? (and so on) You may already have an idea of who they are (hopefully segmented into primary and secondary and not too scattergun – " we want everyone!"). You then need to understand and research your direct competitors. What are they doing right? What do they offer you don't? Why do customers use them? (and so on).

With all this research you can start to make some informed decisions from both a business and a brand perspective. The credibility will be defined from the sweet spot of your experience and offering – what can't customers get elsewhere that you offer? And why should they choose you over your competitors? Get this right and you're halfway there. Many UX decisions are led by best practice but need the context of audience and marketplace to turn these into effective decisions for business growth.

As mentioned, this is just for starters! Happy to discuss further if you need. Hope this helps!

Hello Rik!
Sorry, I've put the name of the website in the question. But the editor deleted it: personalmoneyservice.com

My friend has a Similar Business Like Ali, Well Rik, I can recommend your answer to him :)


Greetings of the day, Ali,

While I can't profess to know what a "personal money service site" is, I can share that one of the best way for any organization to build credibility with future customers is to offer relevant information that solves their problems are fixes something that is broken for your target businesses or consumers.

A recent study reported that live presentations/sessions - in addition to webinars and other published content by respected and credible 3rd parties - that attend to these solutions are highly credible. The key: don't sell anything in these efforts. Offer best practices, tips and other ways your target can solve their problem is your goal.

Taking a wild stab at your vertical -again, not knowing your business or your target audience specifically - perhaps crafting and delivering a session on "best ways to refinance your home," or "Eight critical activities to improve your credit score" would be of value to prospects?

Start small, pilot and test. Grow and scale based on feedback.

Best of luck on the journey,

Keith @ KEROSENE Marketing

Hello Keith,

It is personalmoneyservice.com.

Anonymous User

Write quality content and add it to your website. Then promote it across the web, including social media.
Consider Facebook ads to promote it.

Contact magazines, press, websites to share your content, to be THE expert in your field.

Optimise your website so it can be found for what you offer!

Add ads to your site, to help with links and visitors.


Create an expert roundup post of other financial/money experts and bloggers in your space. The way this works is simple. Create a list of other money sites in your industry, then reach out to all of them through email or in their contact forms. Ask them all one simple question (one that your audience will find value in). Once you've received enough responses, go live with a mega post with all of their answers. After this is done, then reach out to everyone who participated in your roundup and ask them to share it.

This is a great way to increase content, social sharing, traffic and backlinks to your site. To see real examples of how this is being done in different niche markets, check out the resource at http://zacjohnson.com/expert-roundup-posts/.

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