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I've been unemployed for a few months now. Could I still start a business without money?

I'm curious because I've read about it but never made a decision. So I do believe that the answer would help me.

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Daimon, awesome question. The better question is, what would you start and why?

What is it that you want to offer?

And how do you plan on getting your product / service into the hands of your clients?

Once you answer those questions primarily, you'll have a good idea if it's best to hold off or not.
I'll tell you I went from dead-broke, trying to survive off $500 a month of income, barely getting by.

You could have written me off.

But I knew, that I had the right math in my business, it was a matter of focusing on ONE goal and leveraging all of my opportunities and channels properly.
I made a ton of mistakes, which is fine. As long as you don't make the mistake that takes you out of business.

Now, I'm writing as an expert on Business. Nothing overnight, mind you.
I got lucky, and I noticed I was getting lucky, and I rode that opportunity to get me where I had some additional leverage. And then, I focused on setting up
additional streams of profit. So, it comes down to if you can get whatever you have to offer, in front of the right people.

If you can do that, whether you're using free channels (which will take longer) or have enough to advertise (which can be risky) to get in front of the your target
audience, then yes.

If not, or you're not sure if you can. Then you may want to consider building a better base for yourself, first.


Yes - though it will not be easy. To start a business you either need a service or a product that is in demand and which you have the expertise to supply.

From there, it is grit and hard work - but very much worth it.

The first question would be - What can you do - and is there anyone who needs it done?


Starting a business without money is an uphill task but not an impossible one. Especially if what you have to offer does not require your involvement in a physical product or service delivery.

To make a success of it, you need to be comfortable with the idea and reality that everything your business is, is wired within you and only you can begin to get it out into the market place for consumption by your customers.

Online education, information and knowledge business, drop shipping etc are the best platforms to start from.

From your question, it seems you have already done your research and you know it can be done. Being from the United States, you have great opportunities at your fingertips.

I'd encourage you to go ahead and do it. Start with small incremental steps to help deal with the hesitation in ypur Ind and heart. It is the small successes that you see which will motivate you to make another bold move and soon enough, you will have a business running.

From my experience in starting and running businesses, you start small, grow slowly and establish it. When you face failure, you learn the lesson, know that it is the business that failed and not you, then you try again.

Just start and keep going.


Starting a business is not a simple thing and its unlikely to make you money from day 1. So if you are unemployed, that can be a financial challenge unless you have enough financial backing to cover your lifestyle and expenses.

If you have an idea you and can kick it off with little investment, then it might be fine to do. But keep looking for a job at the same time. It's better to have some sort of steady income while you grow the business. All the very best!



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