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I want to expand my business of handmade mats to new countries. How do I reach new customers?

We are mats supplier in 150 countries. Now we want to expand this business to all over the world. We need some good suggestions on how we can expand our business. We have a wide range of products.

Please visit our site to take a look at us and come up with suggestions: http://www.brandmat.co.za/

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Anonymous User

Hi Alec,

From looking at your website, you have a great range of mats for different audiences; may I suggest doing a PPC campaign through Google and a paid social campaign through Facebook.

Another alternative would be forming distribution and affiliate partnerships with companies who cater for target audiences, for instance, the GYM and YOGA mats could be distributed through a company that specialises in wellbeing.

Hope my advice helps.


What is the outcome of your website? What I did see is a lot of mats... what I didn't see you are the expert. Looking at your site you had pretty photos... and nothing educational on your site.

You can use SEO, Social Media which takes a long time, artificial intelligence, you can create a sales team, have a systemize referral program. I see many ways to grow your business. If you need more information feel free to contact me.



I have visited your site and see a lot of collections of mats. But the question is how to expand the business all over the world. I suggested some ways here:

1. You may collect contact's information from well-known mat resellers using online (Maybe Google or other contacts) methods to directly connect with them. It's fast and effective way.
2. You can use paid advertisements from Google AdWords or other online advertising platforms. It's also fast but pretty expensive, and you must be careful about keywords choosing.
3. Search Engine Optimization is long time solution, but it's may take a long time (I see your website SEO is not good).

You may choose any or all of three.

Mohammad Ali
Manager of Inventory Software Services


Hello Alec,

You need to know your customer persona. If you do, this should not be so hard (you already understand where such people hang out the most). So go to Google Trends to find the countries of interest. Then takes those countries and go to Ahrefs to see who are your competitors. Create a website with your branding name for the big location.

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