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I want to start my own IT web/Software development & Services business? Need guidance to establish & promote my business.

I am starting my own IT web/Software development & Services business? Need guidance to establish & promote my business.

I need some innovative ideas & domains which will support my business.

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I think Luc gives some great ideas. The only thing I would add is... you have to find a way to make your firm stand out from the crowd. This industry has a ton of competition. Concentrate on building long term relationships and then focus on word of mouth advertising. I've run my small shop for 31 years & have never advertised. I've had most of my clientele for 15 to 25 years. Feel free to email if you ever want to talk... no charge. I wish you the best.

Thank You Sir.


Write a quick and short business plan.
Find your customer target .
Write down why you are better than your closest competitors and use that line to promote your business.
Get in the network then build your network:
Partner with businesses that are complementary to yours. For instance graphic designers may send you their customers for maintenance work.
Partner with some of your competitors if you can.
Understand how your customers make money and what kind of service providers they use to operate then contact those providers.
Call, email , face customers. Measure your improvements and do better next time .
Find out what s your competitor a customers are complaining about .
Locate marketing channels where your competitors are promoting themselves and do the same.

Keep learning , testing and improving .

Thank you very much for your valuable answer Luc Sir. I will try to do the same. Once when I will start my business, i won't look back, I want to do fast development, for that your guidance is valuable for me.
Thank You Sir.



What is your target audience? What kind of solutions are you developing?


My target audience are Small & Medium scale manufacturing/automobile companies, educational institutes, hotels, hospitals, financial agencies & other small scale ventures who needs software & websites for their operations.
I have ideas about providing clients the applications software(ERP, etc), customized software & Websites.
I don't have much market knowledge.
I needs guidance to promote my business.
I need some innovative ideas & domains other than those I mentioned which will support my business.
Please guide me how to get clients, customer information Online so that I can do calling, visiting 7 email sending to customers.

Sir please guide me to develop appropriate Business Strategy so that I could face the vast competitors which present in the market.

@Jtn Rthd I'm on the same road. I've been willing to start an IT business for years, and have taken a frew steps without much guidance but the internet. I'd really appreciate how this question develops, and of course try to help the way I can.

@Alexandre: Thanks.


In my opinion your stated market is too large "Small & Medium scale manufacturing/automobile companies, educational institutes, hotels, hospitals, financial agencies & other small scale ventures who needs software & websites for their operations." that describes just about everyone. That's too broad a paintbrush. Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anyone Else ~ JEFF HOFFMAN, Inc magazine.
In my business IT software and service, I chose a niche' market in which to work. This niche' will give my business traction, and from that success I can expand to the next market, and continue to massage business in both. The problem with trying to market, to establish and promote your business to everyone in the world, is that each market you attempt to market and establish yourself will require a different message and approach. Taking it a bite at a time will help you focus your message to a target in which to excel in your business presence, create networks and partnerships and successfully build both a brand and business.

Thanks very much sir for your valuable answer.
Sir there are some software products like Payroll, Inventory, Billing, those same can be used by different Manufacturing & automobile companies. And those by Hospitals & Hotels, there could be some changes in those software's. So I can target these areas for same product. That's why I am planning to target these small businesses first then I will go Medium scale businesses. That's my thinking about developing my business. According to your opinion sir, should I go for this strategy?


Can't add too much to what Luc said, but I would like to emphasize what he said about finding your target. To really be able to deliver for your clients, there should be at least one thing you do better than anybody else. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you'll find that whatever you're best at matches up with a particular need of some market. That is your target. Once identified, it's all about being able to serve their needs and success will follow for as long as you can deliver.
Never stop trying new things.

Thank You Sir.


Where you wanna started your business ??
I have also started a small IT firm !!


Anonymous User

Why are you using a picture of Misha Collins (an American actor) as your profile picture?

Well he is my favorite actor from TV series shows.


Good to start with your own product combination of Web and Mobile App no matter you have client list or not but that will show the strength and skill set of your organization. Also focus on Open Source solutions for ERPs all you need to select the product and gets your hands on for deployment and configuration only.


I think there is very simple for you.

1. Why you want to start your own IT Web business?
2. What you think that you can also penetrate in the market as you already know there are giants in the market.
3. Are you really passionate about it?
4. What if you dont have any business? How you will survive in the market?

These are the above questions try to come up with answer I hope you will automatically simplify things



What are your obstacles, values and do you have a business plan? I would be pleased to explore professional business coaching with you at any time to consider these areas. Feel free to call me anytime at 416 634 7451

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