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If I want to earn a dividend of at least 8-10 lakhs a month, what should my investment be?

I want to start a business and I'm looking for some expert advice regarding the capital. How much should I invest to get a minimum of 8 lakh plus dividend? We are two partners.

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It will be in millions of dollars. Generally, dividend comes on a face value of a share so, for example, REL (CMP INR 900) its face value is only INR 10. and they gave 110% dividend in 2017 which is INR 11 per share. So if you calculate on Current market price then it's 1% around only which means for INR 10 lakhs in a month you have to invest

INR 120,000,00,00 and you will get 1% yearly which will be INR 12,000,00,00 divided by 12 months = INR10,000,00

Note - Dividend can vary at the share price and its face value. Here I did math considering REL price only.

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