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Anonymous User

If you could invent your own software-controlled electronic gadget, what would it be?

My business model is based on developing prototypes for new software controlled electronic and electromechanical products for start-ups and companies. I'd like to make and sell own product/gadget - so it would be interesting to see what ideas are out there.

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I've always wanted a outdoor solar powered wifi camera with an SD card slot.

I think a drone that makes predefined passes around a property and returns to a weather proof charging base and does it all autonomously would be good too. Then the property owner could see what's going on across their property.

I also have a robot idea. But that's not for here.

The problem is that most anything you can think of the Chinesed are grabbing and knocking off very fast.

Anonymous User

Thanks for the feedback Berry.

The outdoor solar powered wifi camera would probably need its SD card located on the receiving end of the wifi link, in case the camera is stolen - so at least you get to see who stole it.

The drone idea is good, although there are so many things that can go wrong with a drone - not just weather operating limits - getting them to be reliable and safe enough to operate without human intervention is an issue. Operating a drone without human supervision is probably unlawful in many modern countries - if not it soon will be.

And while our Chinese friends have to make a living somehow, I'd imagine a gadget with "secret-sauce" software would help hold them off for at least a few months.


Like the robotic sweeper that runs across your home floor, wouldn't it be great if there was a similar device to clean up fall leaves, summer grass clippings and the like?

Anonymous User

Thanks David. I was thinking of an autonomous roving house-robot. Duties include fire, flood and gas detection, air quality sensing, intruder detection, carpet sweeping or tidying away toys left lying around. There are already lawn cutting robots which would also take care of the leaves by grinding them to bits. Although here in the UK, when the leaves are on the ground, most of the time they're wet and slippery. I've seen one professional turf grower only cut the top third of the grass every so often and then leave the clippings on the lawn to help feed it.


What about subscription based CAP based early warning Gadget can also be used for commercial alerts Or What about Intelligent Transportation

Anonymous User

Being in the UK, I've not heard of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). I could see it as a cell-phone app that people subscribe to. It's very likely there's already an app for that, check out "On-The-Go Alerting" by KDEE Technology, LLC. If that's around, I'm sure someone else has more. But 'intelligent transportation' sounds too expensive to develop.

There are lots of Applications Available on CAP but hard to find Gadgets in my opinion too much space to work in this domain.

Same ITS and Health Care Industry needs a lot to be developed.

How About Digital-signage Industry with smart cloud based displays?

Anonymous User

Yes I'm working on an idea to use animatronic butterflies to convey stock market information - among other data.


That's an Interesting Question you have asked Clive. There are a lot of things according to me needs to be "Software Controlled" and are electronic Gadget. Let me name few so that you can have an Idea about at what level I am thinking.

I am a kind of guy Who Travels a Lot and all the Time I have these Wireless Headphones in my ears. I have to adjust their sound Volume according to the Place I am in - I want Two Things.

1) I want my Headphone to catch the loudest sound ( Natural Sound) near me and Search it on the Internet - Only If I wanted.
2) It would be good, If my Headphone Adjusts the Sound Level accordingly with respect to the Noisy Environment I am in.

One more, I have to purchase Sound Cards for Gaming feel inside in me. Why my Normal PC sound card won't work efficiently.

Hugs Music Fan and Gaming Lover Here - I am expert in Gaming Industry, If you want any Idea from that Field, I am happy to help.

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