If you could offer one piece of advice for becoming a better manager, what would it be?

There are varying opinions & perspectives on what it takes to become a good manager. What is one piece of advice you'd give to become a more effective manager?

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LISTEN. I learned this the hard way. As a new manager, I thought I knew it all and boy did that screw things up! Instead, take time to listen to your team and evaluate the situation from many angles. I found that even if I had to disagree with an employee if I listened to them first they were OK with the different direction. People want to be heard and valued. This is what separate the OK managers from the great ones.


Constantly be developing yourself as a person who inspires with choices that respect the people who work for you as much as the company. Be a person of uncompromising honesty, transparency, self control, ethics, humanity and wisdom.

Don't speak platitudes. Communicate to build relationships. Hold yourself to a higher standard than those you are in charge of. Commit to your own humility daily.


Be nice


I heard somewhere that "employees leave bosses, not companies" while I was in a job and this line changed me forever. Love your team like your family and they can get an even bullet for you.


My honest answer to this question based on my managerial experience is understanding and communication.
There was a time i asked my co-workers under me to do things, they grumbled and did that work in a bad way. i sat down and analyzed the situation. I had to put myself in their shoes and recalled how i had given out instructions.
Then i came up with another approach which is 1. trying to understand their feelings 2. communication.
The moment i understood them and was able to communicate effectively with them, there was no problem between me and them.
I got maximum result and my subordinates like me. Note that the kind of people i managed where older than i am and i was able to coordinate them well. In this part of the world age matters yet i am able to achieve results.
We now relate on personal terms like hommies. This has been my key in the different organizations i have worked. I trust this approach can give result anywhere since it can be effective in a country like mine in Africa, it can be effective any where in the world.
I hope this real case scenario is helpful to you.


Good management is getting predictable results for the business.

You become a better manager by setting clear expectations,

And holding your team accountable (and helping them) to meet those expectations.

The piece of advice?

Coach those that want to improve,

Remove those that won't.


Keep your staff motivated so they will stay with the company for the long term and will give you 100% of their effort.


Two-way communication is always best because it lets your employees know you are there to listen to their concerns and answer any questions they have and you are able to build a trust that will help your company grow.


The problem with too many managers---
They "Manage."
A good manager coaches, leads and then gives their people autonomy and flexibility to get the job done.
The only "managing" that should be done is "managing" reports, paperwork, etc.


Listen, get to know your staff strenghts and weaknesses and provide support in the most approprate format to enable them to grow and develop personnally and professionally.

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