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Is success of a business based more on the decisions or the idea?

I recently attended an event where one of the speakers talked about the large number of businesses that fail. She said that most business failures are less about the idea and more about the poor decisions made. I am curious if others agree with this. I think decisions are important, but also having the right idea is critical to success.

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The success of a business is based on relentless hard work, failing fast, learning quickly, and always being ethical and truly doing whats best for your customer. Making good decisions is more important for the success of a business than merely a good idea?

A great idea is only an idea until you make the decision to take action on that idea. Only then will you start to see growth and hopefully profit.

Additionally, what is a great idea? What you think is a great idea, I may think is a terrible idea, and then when you make the right decisions and eventually become largely successful, will I, the "expert" say "damn, why didn't I do that?"

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts!


Tom McCann


Nas decisões


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Can't agree more on this. It is the poor decisions that bring the business down. But it does not mean ideas do not matter. An idea that differentiates the business from the rest makes it easy. But good ideas too fail if right decisions at right time.


Depend how you see success as - short-term, long-term, add value, increase size, capture certain group of market, and even a success product launch ...Idea is the creation of your perception, which again due to your perception you make a decision on the idea you have. An idea need to have clear goals, actions plan, schedule, etc so that we can make decision. I.e. an idea is one of the input information for decision making.

Whether the idea is good or bad, if we decided to act on the idea, the moment of decision determine the success or failure.

Success is accounted for achieve certain targeted results (when the information provided is correct - idea achieve), thus DECISION is the critical determinants.

A good decision maker will able to reject lousy idea, poor information, and even able to make decision when information insufficient.

I am a strong believer that decision holds the success key.


I would somewhat agree though not completely. Let us put it this way, most businesses fail because of poor decion making and execution. This is regardless of how good the idea is. Often the idea is good but really evolves as you start the journey and it gets refined and takes a practical shape. In today's environment where businesses are getting completeley redefined, you know that the idea that you start with may become something else. Amazon is a perfect example. What is important is that you make the right decisions and execute with passion.
Having stated this, I am presuming the idea is half decent enough for people to have jumped into the business. It cannot have be the brainchild of a nutjob.


Decisions are critical, timely taken tactical or strategic decisions may drag even an average idea to some good extent, while bad decisions mostly taken at wrong time mostly make even the great idea fail. That is the reason, why anyone can get a similar idea, but only few take the burden of implementing that with a vision, and a very few out of those make that a success with right and timely decisions; and as someone mentioned below - even a good idea is an outcome of decision.

We had social networks even before facebook, ecommerce even before amazon, taxi apps even before uber to name a few examples where idea was not new but the way they were implemented, positioned, and promoted as solving a real problem or opportunity actually made these leaders in their areas.

So decisions, dear, decisions...:)


A mediocre idea when coupled with good decisions on how its implementation will always trump a great idea followed by poor decisions. Most of us have witnessed a new successful business (or even industry) that we had the idea about months or even years prior. Someone else came up with the idea just like we did, but then followed it up with the decision to make it happen.


I think Idea is critical to success, where decisions play important role how we implement depending on market research or analysis.

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