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Is guest posting still an effective SEO technique nowadays?

Just want to know about effective guest posting techniques! Is it still helpful in terms of SEO?

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Yes, Guest Posting is still an effective SEO technique. Guest blogging is one of the greatest SEO Technique to build a strong brand presence & authority where the basic goal is to find a blog whose audience will be interested in your brand & write amazing content for that blog. It is a great way to generate quality traffic, build domain & search.
Learn more about how to enhance your reach through Guest posting in 2018 https://blog.datacaptive.com/how-to-enhance-your-outreach-via-guest-posting-2018/


Yes, guest posting is still a powerful way to boost your search ranking. Because when you list some sites that allow guest posts, you will certainly list sites that have its potential quality backlinks for you. And it's much different to when you buy backlinks from freelancers which you will never know how and where they do guest posts for you.

I've ever watched Neil Patel video about link building. If I'm not mistaken, there are about 3,000,000+ guest posts submitted every day. Is at least one guest post among those millions is yours? Those millions of guest posts contain quality backlinks to millions of sites too. If you don't do guest posts, it would be hard for your to standout on the top ten of the search results. But overall, don't forget to make your content (and your guest posts) quality too.


I would say, yes it is. Content marketing is still an integral part of SEO. Besides, it is the backlinks that boost the position of your site on the Google's SERP. Guest post on sites with high DA and traffic will add to the credibility of your site. Writing quality blogs on such sites is the easiest way to boost the traffic.


Yes. It is very effective as its on trend now.


Guest posting is still effective and will be in future but you have to make sure that the site you want to submit guest post must be of high quality. You can check top guest posting sites list here.


Yes, guest posting is still effective in SEO and helps to improve the visibility of a website on SERP.


Yes Guest posting is still effective SEO technique. Consider Relevancy and high quality content as the major important factors while doing guest posting. Do a proper research on guest posting blog and publish high quality content with the link back to you.


So it’s no wonder that a lot of bloggers and SEO experts still favor this method. The main question is, are these guest post links still safe and viable?

The answer is yes.

It is still possible to build our link portfolio by contributing to authoritative websites. However, there are certain rules that we need to follow in order to avoid any issues with Google.

Check out these posts:

Content Writer from PlayCanadaCasino


With the latest update of Google from 7 March 2018, I don't think that guest blog posting is effective. I highly doubt because I work with networks with over 400+ domains and I see drastic changes even on so-called High Authority websites. They drop on rankings and also traffic.

So to answer your question above, I don't think that this works anymore.

I do not think that this update is related to link quality. As this is a boosting algorithm rather than a demoting one, it does not look like Google demoted sites for having unnatural links. If you were hit by this change, doing extra disavow work is not likely to help.


Definitely, the answer is yes. Guest blogging is my primary SEO technique to get traffic and link juice from top blogging sites.

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