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Is it okay to recycle content for your social media posts?

Is it more important to tweet consistently and post to Facebook regularly or to keep your content on your feed fresh? Right now I repurpose a lot of our content and share it through our social media channels several times. Particularly the blog posts that are getting the most engagement.

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Hi Brandie,
Stick to what's working! Definitely repurpose across all social media channels because not everyone is seeing any or every single one of your posts. Facebook posts are seen on an average of seven minutes, so even posting a few times a day is ok these days. If you're posting with images, you can always change the wording a little so it's not exactly the same. Also check the reporting on the channels regularly to see when the best times of engagement are and post at those times.


ABSOLUTELY...providing it was worthy of posting the first time. Not everyone reads your stuff immediately when it comes out...some are just getting to know you and might skim a bit but not really read...everyone sees things when they are most important to them. There are many great reasons to recycle worthy posts...especially those that are "timeless" with respect to the content.

The one exception to me is "promotion"...these should not only not be repeated, they shouldn't be placed from the beginning. People skip promotions most of the time anyway and if your recycling is full of these they will skip you completely.


I may be repeating what others have said but...1. It is okay to repurpose but it has to be a mix of new, shared and repurposed. 2. The rule of thumb for posting 20% selling, 40% sharing others content and 40% sharing your content. 3. Two or three posts a day is fine, more if you have the time. (Make sure you analyze when your target market is online and post at relevant times. 4. Consider "repurposing" your existing content - blog posts that can be converted to Powerpoints that can be shared in Slideshare, Powerpoints that can be converted easily to a video to be shared on your website, your SM accounts, You Tube and Vimeo and even on Slideshare. Translate some of your content to Infographics. Consider repurposing your content to Pinterest (in graphics) or even having a great picture and the title of your post with the url to your blog). 5. Use appropriate hashtags - people do use hashtags in FB and of course, Twitter. Share your blog posts and other content in "Groups" on FB that are appropriate to your field or industry. Hope this helps!


Hi Brandie!

This is a great question and one I get asked all the time. If you are promoting a new blog post, I recommend posting it a number of times. The half-life of a Twitter post can be a matter of minutes. I would schedule the post multiple times throughout the day during the time the highest amount of your followers are online.

On Facebook, I would post it a couple of times throughout the week. I would recommend posting other content in between and play around with different captions or highlight quotes from the blog so that the post looks new.

Hope that helps!
Charlotte Chipperfield
CEO & Founder of Chipperfield Media.


This practice is not harmful for your business. But you have to post fresh content, images with caption, industry related news on your social media platforms.


This is more of an elaboration of the response others have given. Content Marketing and Social Engagement pretty much mean you need to have an editorial calendar now days. I break my content into three categories: Evergreen Content; Short Form; Quick Hit.

Evergreen content takes the most time to create, but it is the most valuable also. It is white papers, industry research, feedback results, infographics, expert panels etc. This can be updated yearly or so and posted throughout the year several times. It can also be used as locked content to gain subscribers and followers.

Short form content is more immediate and has a shorter shelf life, but takes less time to create. Think of blog posts, short articles, event recaps and such. This is harder to repackage, but you can use the same premise or idea over and over again.

Then there is quick hit content that is based on reacting to industry news and events. That is spontaneous and short, but can still have a great impact.

You can use tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer to autoschedule posts throughout the week, then post with quick hit content whenever you need to and plan out your evergreen content over the longer term. And if you ever need any post ideas, this article has over 70 of them! - https://lnkd.in/eP9wjZr


As long as it is effective, you can always repurpose your content. Your audience differs from time to time. Some might be able to see it at the time you posted it and some may not and cannot even get the chance to see it. We're not all doing the same thing at the same time. And be sure to have a different comment or description upon posting the same content. If you see that is not working anymore, you can always plan for your next steps.


Absolutely! Remember - you have new connections all the time - and not only that - but many people may not have caught the repeated post - and now they will.

I know that people don't always think this is a good strategy - but I do. I have a lot of great content on my blog (which has been around for over 5 years! People that saw a great post back in 2010 are not going to remember this post - getting good quality content is the key - and engagement!

I am glad to see that you are being savvy about your marketing!


Hi Brandie ~

Congratulations on being an almost-first-time entrepreneur! (I wish you'd described your new business on your profile page :-)

You're asking an important question. It definitely makes sense to repurpose content, since you'll likely be reaching new people most of the time ~ Twitter is like Class V rapids, especially once you have a lot of followers!

It's also smart to post new content on various channels in different ways, and repeatedly over the next days or week. For example, when I publish my monthly e-newsletter, I send it out to my opt-in subscribers. Then I post the link, with image and teaser, on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, BUT I aim to use different words and images on each, so it will appeal to different audiences. Then I'll repost the newsletter link with fresh verbiage over the following days to catch people who didn't see it the first time.

Having said that, social consistency is also vital, and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to constantly create new content. Interact with others, Like and share their content, and you'll build strong digital relationships, which will also help your new business.



Yes, absolutely okay to do this. And for some of your best posts that are the most helpful, feel free to share them for a long while. And always remember, for organic posts on Twitter/FB/LinkedIn etc... a super large majority of people never see them so don't worry about redundancy too much as long as it's good info.

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