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Is it possible to recover deleted files after a format on Windows?

Everybody! Help, please!

Is it possible to recover deleted files after a format? Yesterday, my little brother formatted my drive, which saved my job photos and files. I need to recover them back. Any idea would be appreciated.

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Anonymous User

Hi Jess

There is a remote chance you could recover but a lot depends on how the disk was formatted or reformatted, plus how lucky you are.

In general, I would say forget it and you have no hope but years ago I managed to recover my files on Windows XP after the system crashed and we had to reinstall Windows hence overwriting all files (so we thought!). By pure luck I noticed my anti-virus checking files in a directory I had never seen before C:../found/... I had never noticed this folder before so I looked for it, and all my old files were there by hidden from my explorer!

I recovered all my photos, files, etc. and I now back up my data every week (hard lesson!).

Here are a couple of utility software that might help but as the documentation says, there is no guarantee that you could recover your files:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yth1Loe99Oc (This video is really good and probably your best bet)

https://www.easeus.com/resource/recover-files-after-format.htm (This is an optional

Good luck


I had a guy at the computer shop format my hard disk without taking a back and the pain I had to go through of loosing my files, media and everything from the last 4+ years was unimaginable. I can understand your pain totally. If your operating system is still on the computer, then you stand the chance of recovering some or most of the files you lost.

You should stop using the computer ASAP, because if there is more data written on the HDD, the chances of recovery get lower.

Next step is to find a software that works. For me, stellarinfo software worked best by recovering a lot of files from my formatted HDD. But it was all unorganized and a dump. You may find some of the content or all of it, but it is worth a shot.

Do update what worked or didn't once you get through this. Hope you find your stuff.


There are two factors when dealing with reformatted hard drives: one, if it is a traditional spinning-disk hard drive or a solid state drive. Traditional drives are much easier to deal with in regards to reformatting issues than solid state drives. The second factor is if the computer the hard drive was in was used after the reformat took place. If not, the chances are much better for a recovery. If it was used after the reformat, there is a good chance that the data that was on there has been permanently overwritten. For more info, check out this page from Gillware:

Good luck to you!

Anonymous User

I also used to lose very important files from my PC. I had no idea how they disappeared and I'd been searching for ways on how to recover lost/deleted files, tried many freewares and nothing worked. Quite by acident I read a positive review on https://www.pandorarecovery.com/ and got all the files recovered. Though take into consideration it's not cheap.


Save a good site, https://www.salvagedata.com/ to restore your data. This will help save your time, and in addition, there are good specialists working there. I've already addressed them a couple of times, all reliable, quick and qualitative. I hope you will no longer have problems with your computer.

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