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Is my community profile too revealing?

I feel that I said too much... should I have been less personal and more business?

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Yes, your profile bio is quite personal in nature. Since this is community of business experts and service providers, a more 'business' profile would have been more apt. Here are some pointers that will help you in making the changes:

1) Talk about the services you offer and why are you good at them
2) Focus on your core expertise and talk about it
3) Talk about your future goals and why are you here

I checked out your store and it seems decent. Do add a page where you can talk about the services you offer. I see you are a pet sitter active in Seattle, LA, New York. What you can do is optimize your Services page to make it appear in local search results. I'm not sure about the SEO potential of websites built on Webs though.

Please reach out to me at varun@upreports.com in case you have any further queries (I'm not here very often :)

Have a good day and keep growing!

Thank you! I revised it.

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