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Is now a good time to start a Youtube channel as a source of income?

Many Youtubers have earned advertising dollars by creating a channel with curated content. That is using creative commons videos and mesh up content. Is now a good time to start a new one? Or am I already too late?
Facebook is now starting to catch up on video content but they don't have a monetizing model just yet. Am I too late to get in now?

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Disclaimer: I've never actually tried starting a YouTube channel.

With that said, it's something I've been thinking about a lot and seems very intriguing. When I read articles about how people have become millionaires by commenting on video games or opening doll packages, it gets my attention.

And I definitely don't think it's too late. It would have been easier 5 years ago but I bet there's potential to make a nice, steady earning in certain niches or by creating videos on fresh, trending topics.

But you also make a great point about Facebook. Facebook is either catching up to or has surpassed YouTube as the biggest video platform on the Internet. Here's an article from the summer about it: http://venturebeat.com/2015/06/22/facebook-is-nipping-at-youtubes-heels-in-the-race-for-video-viewers-and-advertisers/ -- I don't think this means the end of YouTube. There's likely enough space in the global video market to sustain both of them.

Anonymous User

well i think its something like $7000 for a million views. It's never to late to join a community or try something new. But bear in mind the costs for keeping it up and running what ever niche it has to be updated and it's something like 20gig free then you are paying to keep your content up. I don't know the rules but i did adsense first then earned the privilege of been able to monetise Youtube. My dad rest in peace was fixing lawn moors long after fly moor was out or a dead trade and still made some cash out of it.


It's never late to start. The worst scenario is finding yourself 10 years from today and complaining about what were you waiting for today that you didn't do it?.
Put your good energies and make some time.

Anonymous User

Remember that before you can make some money with your YouTube channel, you first need to grow your audience and make valuable videos. Also I'd like to recommend you to become a YouTube partner directly through http://youtube-networks.com/fullscreen-partnership/ . It will help you to build subscribers and get the scoop on making more money on your videos

Anonymous User

As long as you can make popular videos that can go virual on YouTube, there's a high chance for you to earn from it.


As the saying goes "who so ever wait for the perfect beginning never gets started"..

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