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Is there an application to monitor employee location and work activity?

I want to track my employee location, work-activity, and scheduled meeting status.

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Hello Prakruthi Raj,

It's now easy to Track your employee's location, work status & schedule meetings with a user-friendly mobile application Travelize.

Travelize is a simple & user-friendly android application which works on GPS. It will track and monitor the field employees’ in real-time.

1. Live employee tracking: The manager can visually view & track the employee activities & exact location.
>Custom track with Geofence
2. Online meetings schedule: The manager can schedule tasks/meetings to the field employees’ easily.
>View meeting status (Status: completed/pending)


1. Automated workforce
2. Faster communication
3. Better Customer satisfaction.
4. It saves time & cost-effective

I think you must have a look into it. Please Visit our official website: www.travelize.in

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