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Is your business open for the holidays?

I work for a non-profit to stop animal abuse so realistically we never shut our doors, even for the holidays. Is this something we can capitalize on? I'm curious to hear if you slow down business during the holidays or take a break completely. Thanks for sharing and happy thanksgiving week everyone.

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You're asking the wrong question. It's not "Should we be open?" but "When do our customers expect us to be open?" Do people expect access to an animal abuse non-profit on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I personally expect a bank to be open when I need to do my banking, so I would like the bank to be open on Saturday morning (which mine is). I don't expect them to be open when their customers are not banking, like the middle of the night or holidays. I do expect a convenience story to be open 24 hours and on holidays; I don't expect a grocer to auto body shop to be open. I don't expect an accountant to be open on a holiday. In all cases, it would be appropriate to have a sign an auto-reply of "Sorry, we're closed. Our office hours are..."

Most questions can be answered by "What do customers realistically expect?"


I think you can very much capitalize on it. Even though people have a lot of Holiday time, they don't have all the time full. You can appeal to their sense of "Giving Back" during the Holiday Season. I would say that you would want to get out there with some information Right as the Christmas Season was upon us.


We have a small consulting firm. Our clients are either really busy for the holiday season and have no time for us, or they're not busy so they shut down. So we go on vacation. January is very busy for us, helping clients do beginning of the year planning.


We do have days when some staff have off; however, because we provide web hosting and managed technology services we are manned 24/7/365 so we always have staff working. We also do not slow down during the holiday season because we need to be available when someone is ready to make a decision or they need to utilize our technology.


Whatever your business is, you can spin the holidays to your advantage. Many businesses uses the Holidays to differentiate themselves in different ways. Some emphasize their Family-Orientation when they close for the holidays. Some emphasize the client-orientation when they stay open for the holidays. Keep your clients in mind when you make your decisions. Are your clients likely to use your services during the holidays or not?

Anonymous User

I am a consultant and will work up to and after the holidays. While I owned my massage business I did the same, open up to and after the holidays. I would offer gift certificates for sale online during the holidays and have several pre printed and ready to mail out if I sold any during the holidays. Always worked well for me.


Hi Zander,

Inception of a legal business and selection of the sector identifies the objectives in the society.

Therefore, Not-For-Profits are generally expected to serve voluntarily to the society without any objective of profits or business development . The funding is done by the sponsors of the organization.

In this scenario , there should not be any expectation of holidays and in fact the resources should also be maintained according to a 24 hour window operation .
This should be agreed with the sponsors with the cost required to be funded from them.

If you are charging something from the clients that can also be adjusted as per the required costs.

These days working virtually during holidays is the best option and free of cost also.You have to incur only variable costs incurred during the process which can be recovered if there is a price agreed with the client. Otherwise it will be a part of sponsor funding.

Best Of Luck

Toronto, Canada


I take orders for holiday cards, invites for parties, custom gift tags...this is a very busy time of year for me, however family comes first. I dont answer my phone on Thanksgiving day, or Christmas Day. New Years seem like a bs holiday to me so Im open then, but its usually slow anyways. Id rather take my memories with family and friends over a couple of bucks in my pocket every time.

Anonymous User

I personally see holidays as an excellent opportunity to do some work so I will work as much as my social obligations allow me to.
In regards to the question if you can capitalise as an animal welfare non-profit I believe you can. I already read that Christopher Richards mentions the RSPCA and to add to that here is a very funny video campaign from a few years back: https://simonscat.com/fedup/

Anonymous User

Hi Zander,
in every kind of business I worked, I always kept it open or at least with a reduced team for holidays longer than a couple of days.
I do believe this principle should be applied in your sector, especially because i) it's a non profit entity, and ii) as somebody has already mentioned, animals migth need even more help when they are transformed in undesired gifts or may add complexity to a travel set up.
Good Luck

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