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Which website platform best fits the needs of a non-techie to develop on?

I'm launching my law firm website. I want to have something that's young, dynamic, and powerful. As a complete non-techie, I need an intuitive website builder. Which platform is best for my needs?

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Wix has a great platform, that is essentially - drag and drop. The problem I have with Wix and Squarespace (another platform that is fairly simple), they both are incredibly limited for you as you grow. So, it's good for training wheels, the problem though, as you grow, one day you'll want to customize your home (website) that you've built - but these sites won't let you. You'll have to tear it all down.

Currently, something like 30% of the internet is powered via Wordpress sites, so I'd recommend start there. Wordpress.com is open form, has forums for learning and dialogue, and later, as you grow - it can grow with you.


Google Business @ https://business.google.com

Free, simple and powerful. It is essential to have visibility on Google. Level of difficulty to setup is about 2 on a 10 high scale. Advertising is a bit difficult but you can learn easily and for free on Google Academy for Ads.

I also suggest Facebook, LinkedIn and Manta.

I can help you if needed. Just let me know.


Wix is the best and most simple drag and drop website building platform. But if u have a little bit of knowledge about how things work, then go for Wordpress.

Yes, Wix is best.. and you can also try Appy Pie, it's a free DIY website builder and no coding knowledge is required.


Use WordPress, it is fully dynamic and there is no need to write special code to make a new page or post. It's the best and very simple to understand how to create a new page or post.


As your firm or organization prepares to build its first web site, or perhaps just to replace the old one, it's vital that you understand the whole process from beginning to end. Understanding the process will allow you to make better decisions in the technologies you choose to implement and the people you hire to handle the site's development.


Hi there! I would like to recommend you to take a look at those law firm website templates from https://www.templatemonster.com/category/law-firm-website-templates/ I guess you will be able to build a perfect website for you with one of these. Hope I helped you here ;)


If you are looking for the easiest way to set up a website for your law firm , test out this platform - https://lawfirm-special.weblium.com/ . It provides a step-by-step guide to ensuring that your law firm builds the right web site the first time. As an alternative, you may hire the finest graphic artists and the most talented web designers in the country to actually build your web site, but you will pay a fortune for your website. And remember, a well written, useful content is the core of any good web site.

Anonymous User

For me, Weebly is a good one... I put this together myself as an example of little experience: https://www.oldhamsdecorators.co.uk

I agree Weebly is an excellent choice. I've used it for both my tree removal and carpet cleaning websites.


Use Weebly, it makes it surprisingly easy to create a high-quality website, blog or online store.


My vote goes with Weebly. I've used it to create several sites. It's all drag and drop, and their interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Here are a couple sites I've built with Weebly. You can see they are very responsive and look great:


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