Does mixed language in a website affect the SEO?

I'm working as a SEO Consultant for a startup company. One of my clients is a state owned company (PT Sarana Multi Infrastructure, used to be called PTSMI) has dual website language (ENG and IND) but it is inner page. Like events and news has ENG as selected language, but IND content.

How will this affect the SEO process?

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Hi Merry,

In response to your question I would strongly advise you don't mix languages because this would have several effects to your SEO efforts:

1) Dilution of country relevance - if your primary target country is UK and you have Indian content then this isn't relevant. Google and other search engines therefore won't see your site as focused to your target country audience.

2) Poor user experience - From a user point of view they expect to see English content when selecting the English language selection. As a result the search engines like Google won't reward you as strongly because you could be seen as misleading users and providing a poor UX.


1) Ensure that you use a universal TLD (e.g. and then annex your content via sub-folders for different language translations (e.g. ). Your primary language can be English on the main .com version and other versions can provide alternative languages.

2) Use Lang tags for different translated content. This also tells Google and the other search engines which country search engine you want that content to be ranked on. i.e. GB would be, IN tag would be India etc.

3) Use Google Webmaster Tools Search Console to verify different language site areas as individual websites in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. Then in the country setting assign the appropriate country for that sub-domain.

I hope that makes sense and helps. If you require any help to do this and advice, we are always able to provide consultancy services for SEO at great prices. Please contact me on rstoubos(at)odysseynewmedia(dot)com for more help.

Kind regards,


Owner of Odyssey New Media Ltd


Don't mix languages within pages. Apart from the SEO implications, it's sub-optimal UX.

Have a separate URL per language and declare the language on each page with the appropriate hreflang tag. Search engines do not inherently 'understand' a different language to the one you've set in Search Console and tagged in your pages.


It doesnt necessarily affect your rank per say. Unless you are hoping to rank in multiple countries, in either case there are many parameters which in total ate what determine your sites quality score. This score is what determines your ability to rank ie your search rank position within the search engine for various search terms, key words, key phrases. However I will suggest instead of mixing language, which may confuse parties of both tongues. You may wish to use a plugin instead, which allows visitors to your site to select the language they would like to view your site in. Upon selection, your site is translated for them into the language theyve chosen. Certain languages do not translate perfectly, however its typically still well understood.

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