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Anonymous User

My Google page rank is 0. How can I improve it?

Hi, I recently built a website and a blog and it's been 3 weeks and I don't know what else to do... What have I done wrong? Or will it just take time to improve the ranking? Should I add more keywords? Below is some information that shows the status of my website.

Domain analysis for:

Google PageRank: 0/10
Domain Authority: 1/100
Page Authority: 1/100
Global Rank: 0 Alexa USA Rank: 0
Alexa Reach Rank: 0 Alexa Site Links: 0
External Backlinks: 0
Referring Domains: 0
EDU Backlinks: 0
GOV Backlinks: 0
PR Quality: Very Weak

Thanks for your advice.

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Anonymous User

Hi Lily

We have been designing websites, hosting, and optimising them since 2006.

Google no longer publishes Page Rank so everyone's PR is zero unless you manage to hack Google and see what records they keep on you.

In any event your website was set up in August of 2017. This is no time at all in terms of website age and authority. For any website that is less than 3 years old, it is very tough to get high up or establish ranking (even if it is invisible) and/or come high in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). See more on this subject on http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/seo-back-basics-1/ and http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/seo-back-basics-2/

Additionally, Page Rank has nothing to do with your SERP performance. In the days that Google published PR, we regularly got pages with PR of 1 or 2 to beat PR6 and PR7 and push their way up to Page 1 of SERP. SERP performance is about Relevance, Structure, Compliance, Relevant Quality Links, etc. and PR is 1 of over 1200 parameters Google considers.

You need to concentrate on having quality content, compliance, and link building (not paid links but relevant links from quality websites), and not worry about PR which is no longer available for any website.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous User

Hi Lily,

I have had a quick look at your site. Here is what I found as to why your site is not performing the way you want

Your page has a low volume of text content which Search Engines can read as "thin content”. Consider adding relevant content to your site.

Image Alt Attributes
You have a lot of images on your site that are missing alt attributes. 9 out of 10 images on your page are missing alt attributes.

Number of Backlinks
Your website have a reasonably weak level of backlink activity. Search Engines use backlinks as a strong indicator of a domains authority and ranking. Here is your

current backlink status
Active Links - 2
Unique Active Links - 2
Links to Home Page – 50.0%

Your Social needs improvement
Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors. It looks like your social exposure is low. I recommend ensuring that all your social profiles are connected and running social campaigns to generate awareness.

Should you need anything else regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Hello Lily,

I would highly suggest you build your social media presence and link back those new social profiles to your website. Make sure to create content that is interesting and relevant to your audience and ask people to share if the appreciate the content with their audience. make sure that one of those profiles is youtube and start making videos relevant to your audience and your target market.

I hope this helps.


Hi Lily,
It certainly takes time to build ranking and make your website appear on Google. As you mentioned, your website is only 3 weeks old. Since it is so young, domain will take time to gain authority and start appearing in Google search results. Here are some points that will help you make your new website search engine friendly:

1. Every page should be optimized for unique set of keywords

2. Meta title and descriptions should be within the permissible limit of Google guidelines.

3. Spelling and grammar in Meta data should be checked thoroughly for typos.

4. A dynamic XML should be created and submitted to the search engines.

5. Make sure that page URLs are optimized for most relevant keyword.

6. Ensure that local host pages are not indexed on Google. Some developers make the mistake of not blocking search engine indexing for local host.

7. Make sure that website is not blocked from Google indexing.

8. Without keyword optimized pages, it’s a sin to dream about ranking on Google. So, make sure your website pages are optimized.

9. Ensure the usage of tags like canonical and non-index at right places.

10. Plan rich snippet with utmost care.

I recently wrote a blog post that shares 100 brand building and marketing ideas. These tips will help you in building website authority and backlinks as well. Here is the URL, http://www.upreports.com/blog/build-brand-identity-online-100-tips-ideas/

I know doing all this can sometimes be difficult for someone who is not from a technical background. Feel free to get in touch at varun@upreports.com in case you need help with anything at all. Take care.

Anonymous User

Few basic steps .. make sure you submit your site to google search engine first. you will then have to make sure you have a better SEO optimized sites with links created on Facebook, google plus , twitter , Linkedin and other social media sites. This should immediately improve your ranking from 0.



You will have to create some backlinks on high DA sites and this process will take a long time. Don't try to use any software to create backlinks.


Roles of PR, SEO & Marketing Teams in a Start-up

No matter which industry you are dealing in, an increasing need for search engine optimisation can't be avoided

Image credit: Shutterstock.com
Success of an entrepreneur not only depends on his personal instincts rather it evolves out of a team effort. In cases where start-ups need more resources or funds, the composition of the foundation team becomes crucial.

Here we will discuss a few roles that are necessary to be taken by every entrepreneur. A company can achieve great success through proper management of its human resources. Equip them with the company and its resources and manage them to attain your developmental goals.

Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

The PR and Marketing are two separate teams. But in case of small companies, they may merge together for accomplishing goals set by the company. A single team comprising experts in both fields can perform those tasks. Therefore it may pick up any one of the labels.

But for a bigger company, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

PR is to do with spreading the brand message outwards. The PR and the Marketing team could coordinate to ensure a consistent brand image.

PR team could develop the marketing plans and can join hands with marketing team to receive feedback.

PR team can look towards the perception of customers, vendors, partners etc. This team can take a look behind and can ask for how a particular price or message is decided. They understand the perception of all stakeholders and if it is not the desired perception, then it is the responsibility of PR team to identify it and correct it.

Managing the Reputation

It is the responsibility of the PR team to handle all the critical issues related to branding. If there is any sort of negativity found, PR team will look into the matter and handle it. This task is called reputation management.

Nothing is more pleasing than having people talking positively about your brand. A good PR department can handle the following tasks as well:

Event management

Social media campaigns

Brand development

Press releases and control

SMM Teams

The SMM team of your organisation is generally responsible for the following activities:

Building social media profiles

Building contacts with the people on social media.

SMM is a general marketing team. The marketing team is a bigger umbrella under which SMM team performs.

There is a gap between you and your target audience and you need to bridge that gap with your intelligence and marketing efforts. SMM team will help you in that. A social media manager will play the most important role here. His skills and knowledge could help you to boost up his sales. He could help you in identifying your target audience, increases exposure to your brand and boost up the return on investments. For a great new startup, all you need, is a team of social media professionals who will ensure turning the audience’ attention towards you.

Search Engine Optimisation

No matter which industry you are dealing in, an increasing need for search engine optimisation can’t be avoided. Heading towards digital marketing, an SEO specialist will boost up your sales in no time without putting in much pressure in your pocket. This will bring out higher ROI than any other method of online selling.

An SEO is also similar to SMM. They also manage the company’s websites, blogs etc. It establishes a link with other companies’ websites. It determines the most powerful keywords to be used in the marketing plan to attract more and more customers.


Understand and gauge the people you hired. Know their skills and personality traits and identify their potential to work with others. Develop a great team and define the roles each and every individual. Let them know their responsibilities. It will allow your company to earn more and more profits at minimum costs. Not to waste any more time now. Kick start your media marketing plan and achieve success.

hope this will help you a lot...


The first and most important way to improve your page rank is by providing high quality, unique relevant content to your site's visitors. This and using on-page optimization for your chosen keywords, will improve all of the elements related to page rank. 5 days is too short of a time to determine the effectiveness. The competition for a particular keyword phrase, domain name and age also factor in. You have way too many keywords on that site, most search engines don't even utilize the keywords meta-tag.
You can also get the best SEO article that can make your blog/site rank high at www.fiverr.com/jessynol


I just go through our domain and it's related to fashion industry so you can gain more engagement of people with this interesting category.

First of all, You have website on Wordpress, from which you can get advantage of seo-friendly website to get ranking for on major search engine.

Use content as your weapon to target your audience. Unique content which has to solve query of your user as informative. Social Media is the best way to attract more and more people to divert on your website.

I am social media expert and plan my all facebook marketing clinet with pretty unique custom images with description which impress FB user to like and share. you can run a contest for fashion related stuff to engage more people for your blog.

If you want any help from my side then DM me on:


1. Regular Psoting
2. Guest Posting
3. Backlink Making will increase your page rank

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