My Google page rank is 0. How can I improve it?

Hi, I recently built a website and a blog and it's been 3 weeks and I don't know what else to do... What have I done wrong? Or will it just take time to improve the ranking? Should I add more keywords? Below is some information that shows the status of my website.

Domain analysis for:

Google PageRank: 0/10
Domain Authority: 1/100
Page Authority: 1/100
Global Rank: 0 Alexa USA Rank: 0
Alexa Reach Rank: 0 Alexa Site Links: 0
External Backlinks: 0
Referring Domains: 0
EDU Backlinks: 0
GOV Backlinks: 0
PR Quality: Very Weak

Thanks for your advice.

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Google Page Rank is dead and not updated since December 2013


Google don't measure Page Rank from march 2016.!!!! Just focus on building high quality links which helps in improving PA/DA of website.


Nowadays google withdraw their page rank. You can improve DA, PA, Alexa Rank.
Hire me I will do all of this for your website at an affordable price.
or do a guest post on Good DA Guest Posting Blog. It will help to improve your ranking.


I aslo has the same problem,and I think the difficult thing is how to build backlinks backlinks


Hi Lily, My website dropped 17 DA points after a page was hacked where they made a new page /ugg and /gucci and then dropped those links in horrible websites. This occurred while on wordpress hosted with another developer. Therefore I know exactly the position you are in.

There are seven ways I brought it up by 12 DA points in the prior 9 months. I was at a 15 when I started. You should be able to go from 0-15 very quickly.

1. I reached out to a very active blogging group in my industry-real estate, started blogging, and we all collectively share each other's content. Two great nominal cost social sharing aggregators I now use are Creator Collabs ViralContentBee
2. I paid $7,500 for a very high quality Infographic that got picked up by Inc, and other very high DA websites
3. I worked on my site speed, user experience, and bringing down my bounce rate.
4. I have contracted for future editorial articles with writers on medium level DA sites.
5. A growth everywhere approach means expanding beyond the traditional well known social media networks to lesser known ones like stumbleupon, reddit, and medium.
6. I completed the Jon Morrow blogging certification. Before you start writing, there's a right and wrong way as well as somewhere in the middle.
7. I completed 85% of Neil Patel's Advanced marketing program, and also wrote a review on it. google: Neil Patel's Advanced Marketing Program Review Realtor and you'll find my review. Learning some of these fundamentals will help you make sure your website, hosting, ect are all set up for success. Most people just throw $$$$ at developers for websites, and if we don't educate ourselves on a good foundation, how will we know what could be done better?

Best of luck.


Hi Lily,

I have had a quick look at your site. Here is what I found as to why your site is not performing the way you want

Your page has a low volume of text content which Search Engines can read as "thin content”. Consider adding relevant content to your site.

Image Alt Attributes
You have a lot of images on your site that are missing alt attributes. 9 out of 10 images on your page are missing alt attributes.

Number of Backlinks
Your website have a reasonably weak level of backlink activity. Search Engines use backlinks as a strong indicator of a domains authority and ranking. Here is your

current backlink status
Active Links - 2
Unique Active Links - 2
Links to Home Page – 50.0%

Your Social needs improvement
Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors. It looks like your social exposure is low. I recommend ensuring that all your social profiles are connected and running social campaigns to generate awareness.

Should you need anything else regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


You need a lot of bacliks with high PR and very good content. This is solution for you. Check our new project - Mzda v cistom


1) You need to continue to build great content that offers UNIQUE value.
2) Post your blog snippets on Facebook and Instagram. Create organic reach. Don't fall into the trap of Google and SEO advice.
3) If you have unique content you will build loyal followers and they will consume and share content.
4) Do a press release every week. promoting your new blogs.
5) Create YouTube Videos and add your blogs and website details in description.

All this is free. The only cost is press releases but those are inexpensive. Reach me if you need more help. I can give you more free advice.


The first and most important way to improve your page rank is by providing high quality, unique relevant content to your site's visitors. This and using on-page optimization for your chosen keywords, will improve all of the elements related to page rank. 5 days is too short of a time to determine the effectiveness. The competition for a particular keyword phrase, domain name and age also factor in. You have way too many keywords on that site, most search engines don't even utilize the keywords meta-tag.
You can also get the best SEO article that can make your blog/site rank high at


1. Regular Psoting
2. Guest Posting
3. Backlink Making will increase your page rank

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