My Memeo Instant Backup won't work on Windows 10?

My new Lenovo computer yoga 12 has the Windows 10 system. I cannot get it to back up. Has anyone had this issue? Do you know why the system back up with Windows 10 won't work?

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Hi Bill,

Have you tried going to the companies web site to get support. Here is the web site you need to go to for help: They should be able to help you or steer you in the right direction. According to their web site their software will work on Windows 10. It may require an update on your part. Also there may be a problem with your Windows 10. Microsoft issues a new build recently that fixed a lot of bugs. You go into settings and in the 2nd tier, you should see Windows update. Run that and see if you see the new build show up there. Install the new build and see if that fixes the problem. If it does not, go to the company web site I gave you and that should help. Good luck!

I have faced same problem. Contacted Memeo several time for last 2 months, but they are not able to resolve. Charged me twice to download updated version, but still did not resolve. Avoid Memeo

Anonymous User

Most likely it wants a storage medium with sufficient space like an external hard drive or a dvd. (Try that and then try running the backup program)


Hi Bill,
This isn't the direct answer to your question, but I feel it may be a better solution to your problem.

First let's discuss Memeo.
Memeo requires that you utilize an attached storage device (such as a USB drive) for holding your backup data. The 'locally attached' backup location is just fine when you accidentally delete a file, or your hard-drive crashes, but there are other situations where it will not help. Here are a few common ones;

* A house or office fire destroys your laptop, as well as the 'backup disk'. Since they are in the same location, all data is lost.

* A virus infects your computer and destroys all files on your hard-drive and your attached back-up drive.

* When you are traveling, you have the choice of carrying your backup drive with-you, and risking loss or theft of ALL your data, or leaving your back-up drive behind and not having back-ups while you travel.

* As Brian mentioned, your back-up drive can 'run out of space' presenting you with a problem of now having to find a larger drive, or 'clean' your existing drive.

Because of these inefficiencies, I would highly encourage you to explore a cloud-based solution for backing up critical files. Cloud based backup solutions are reasonably priced and offer the following advantages;

* Your critical files are encrypted (for security) and stored 'in the cloud'.

* If your laptop is lost / stolen / destroyed, your backup files are safely in the cloud for you to restore on a new computer.

* Your computer will backup files immediately when connected to the internet and powered on. At home, traveling, or in a coffee-shop, no 'extra drive' to lug around.

* Many cloud-based solutions have 'unlimited' space, so you never have to worry about storage running out.

* You can access your backed up files from anywhere, on just about any internet connected device, such as your mobile phone, tablet, or a friends computer.

Here is a good article that compares some of the top cloud-based backup solutions and their respective features. You can see the are mostly priced between $5 - $10 a month. Some of them even have limited space 'free' versions so you can try before you buy.,2817,2288745,00.asp

Good luck!


I have faced same problem. Contacted Memeo several time for last 2 months, but they are not able to resolve. Charged me twice to download updated version, but still did not resolve. Avoid Memeo

I am using it regularly and never faced such problem.
I just took back of my latest website and it was working fine.

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