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My postings on social media do not generate traffic. How can I generate leads from my postings?

How long do I have to post in order to generate traffic? What am I doing wrong and how can I improve?

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Anonymous User

If you have just started, it is normal. If you have been doing it for a while.. then maybe you aren't considering the following:

1- Have a theme/background for your page preferably with a relevant name. For example, your page is informative, or funny, or shows different places in the industry with video clips. This helps users to know what they should visit your page for, and put it number one because it is very important.

2- Write good captions. Caption writing is something you can be better at by visiting different pages on whatever platform you are posting in.

3- Put links (for your website if you have) in the bottom of your post and use relevant and popular hashtags so it generates visitors for you. Which is what you want.

4- Be active yourself on other pages/profiles. Give answers, speak with other page/profile admins to exchange banners/posts, or introduce each other in your pages. This is very helpful to do as being introduced by others actually projects value and credit.

When you consider the above mentioned, you usually get results in a month or 5-6 weeks. Once your member/visitors/followers come, you can give discounts and encourage them to add their friends. Anything you like. You pass the "need for visitor" part. You enter the "keep/convert" part.


Since you are looking for generating leads, the first thing you need to understand is who is your target audience, and how do you want your postings to resonate with that audience. Use relevant hashtags in your postings that your target audience will use to search. Join relevant groups and post there. You can make use of smart graphics in your postings to attract the attention of your target audience. You could consider using videos that have education, entertaining or 'How-to' value. Have a clear CTA that will help the audience to take the desired action - which is your lead!

Hope this sounds interesting.

Good luck and wishing you success.

Anonymous User


1. Share links with friends
2. Do not forget about contests
3. Read about SMM
4. Use live video
5. Use geo search

Those steps helped me, try.

James Hayton from Write4Sale.

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