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Where can I find swimwear manufacturers to manufacture my designs at a low minimum?

I have successfully designed swimsuits for my collection. I would like to manufacture my swimsuits within the USA with a low minimum, which feels impossible. I have contacted various manufacturers and the minimums are $100 per design. As a new e-commerce business, this minimum is impossible for me to meet. I feel China is calling for my business. Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated.

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Anonymous User

I feel the cost you have is about right in some instance considering varied issues. Other companies will charge different depending on the transport, material and etc. But i think that this may give you a highlight on what you need --->https://www.quora.com/How-much-does-it-cost-to-produce-wholesale-and-retail-swimwear

Tomas Wilson
Pool Deck Repair


I am a professional China sourcing agent based in Mainland China. If you need to find manufacturers in China, I can be of assistance. Please email me at aaa-nancy@hotmail.com to discuss the possibility.

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