Need a suggestion for accounting software for landscaping business?

Just getting ready to set up books and records and am looking for cloud based solution that will handle contract accounting . What are people using?

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Well QuickBooks is the most widely used by businesses and accountants alike. When I worked for a landscaper they were using it.

You're going to need something with payroll capabilities. Not all of the cloud-based small business accounting platforms include payroll. I would recommend first talking to your accountant before you start your search for a platform.


QuickBooks does have a specialized version for contractors but this is a desktop based software. I suggest that if you do not load it on a laptop style computer that you get LogMeIn or a similar remote access software installed on the computer you are using and log in from your laptop/tablet etc. to achieve the cloud based solution.
If you want to assign payroll to specific jobs, Intuit Payroll will allow you to do this very easily as it syncs with QuickBooks. I utilize this situation with several clients in yours and similar industries.


I agree. QuickBooks Online is probably your best bet. It will do 95% of what you need. I would take a different approach on payroll, though. I would outsource that to ADP or one of the other myriad PR Processing companies out there.

That takes a huge headache away from you and simplifies your accounting software. The will do all of the work and you just record the transaction in your books.


My only concern with QBO is that there will be some job costing...

Officially, job costing is only available in the PC-based versions, however, there is a way to do it in the online version. Here's a link to a blog that describes how.


Hi Annmarie! Bookkeeping or Xero might be of use to you and your business. Wave Accounting is also accounting solution that offers free invoicing with the option to send estimates.


Are you a Schedule C Sole Proprietor or a corporation? If you are a Schedule C, Freshbooks might be one to consider. It's invoicing capabilities are really good and managing receivables is a breeze (I did this for a $3M company that received revenue on an SOW/contract basis). So, if you plan to "do it yourself" in the beginning with your books, and are a Schedule C tax filer, I'd recommend taking a look at Freshbooks and hiring out your payroll ( if you have any. If you are filing a corporate return, I'd recommend Quickbooks and that you hire a bookkeeper to collaborate with to give you accurate books to hand over to your tax accountant at the when it comes to filing taxes.

Here's an article comparing Freshbooks and Quickbooks:


You could check out

It's a cloud solution with an ipad and iphone app and you can even upgrade to a dedicated person to help with your bookkeeping and payroll.


Quickbooks has a web based solution


I would suggest Xero as this is a great product and very easy to use. There are also several options available to deal with contract accounting as well. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me as we our certified partners and we are also a cloud accounting firm.


I am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, so I am a little biased; but QuickBooks online would be ok depending on your reporting requirements. The desktop version would be much more powerful. I personally prefer the desktop version.

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