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How to print labels and what do I need to make packaging and shipping my products from home easier?

I am a jewelry maker on Etsy and I am getting very tired of writing out shipping labels by hand. I've heard of programs that print them out for you with the help of a label printer. So my question is what is a good free or cheap program for a Mac user, what printer can I use, and what kind of website can I order cheap wholesale mini bubble mailer envelopes? I'm looking for ways to make shipping and handling my products less of a hassle.

Any other information you think I would need please feel free to include, thanks! :)

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Hi Alice,

Printing labels is trivial in many programming languages, including Java and C which would run on a Mac. There are however a number of variables to be taken into consideration, pertaining to the layout, data source and interface to the printer's driver. I see that Etsy has an option, that you may already be aware of, for printing USPS labels purchased from them at : https://www.etsy.com/help/article/3148
By the way, I checked out your store there, cool jewels.


http://www.avery.com, label printing software, they have version for Mac and it's free


Honestly and label printer.
TSC TDP-247 Plus Direct Thermal Label Printer 99-126A010-20LF


Do you ship UPS or USPS? Both have web sites that prepare the label for you to print.

If you are just needing labels and then you add your own postage you can do this in your word document program. We us Open Office (FREE). Not sure if there is a MAC version. You purchase the labels and then choose the style in your word doc. If your jewelry needs to be insured and tracked, I highly recommend using UPS as they include insurance up to $100, free lapel pouches and either pick up or have many drop off places. A really cheap option would be to just type the addresses in your word doc, print and tape to package.
If you use a lot of bubble mailers, you can purchase them by the case from Uline.com
Best of luck!

I use the regular post office so i guess it would be the UPS. I ideally want to be able to print labels from home, package them at home(already do this, but i need a wholesaler to get the bubble mailers from) and to just put them into the mail box and be done with it. I hate standing in lines to get the tracking codes and wasting a hour of my life in there haha. I am looking at home label printers and im wondering if i can use UPS website with the label printer.

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