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Anonymous User

How can I promote my new startup SocialBoost Live Chat?

Hello community,

I have a question about my new startup, SocialBoost Live Chat. It was really hard to build a brand new software with new technology Chatbots. I want to hear your thoughts on my website and what is the best way to promote it. The website is: https://www.social-boost.nl

We added 15 different languages to use the Live Chat.

Please let me know!!!

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Outreach can help your business to grow much faster. If you are looking for outreaching services. I can help you.

Web Design Blog

Anonymous User

Thanks for the respons, what you mean by outreach?

You can connect with me at

for more info

Anonymous User

Hi Robert-Jan,

Having viewed your website from the UK, I noticed you do not have a translator plugin - https://support.google.com/translate/answer/2534601?hl=en-GB; this may help you promote your start-up, via social media channels with a translation of the 15 languages you to use for Live Chat.

I hope my advice helps.

Anonymous User

Hi Jermaine,

Thanks for your anser!!!! Yes indeed I have to translate it to UK, because the Live chat is also available in 15 languages.

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