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Should I publish more on my blog to attract customers?

Business Description:

Zinrelo (formerly known as ShopSocially) brings you the world’s best loyalty rewards and referral programs, helping to maximize revenue per customer and new customer acquisition through 360-degree customer engagement. It supports omni-channel interactions including desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps, and in-store engagements. I want to attract more customers. Should I publish more on my blog to attract customers?

Website: https://zinrelo.com/predator-nutrition-got-33-higher-average-order-value-loyalty-program.html

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Yes ..definitely you have to publish more and more posts in regular basis . Your work will not stop there. You will have to share those posts in all your social channels too. Spread the posts as much as you can. And the main thing only cover stories those will help your readers.


Great Simple answer!


Definitely, the answer is YES. You should write and publish as many posts as you can on the topics of interest and related. Use Google Analytics to get a clear idea of your website's positioning and then create an SEO plan to improve your ranking. This plan should also include blog posts on internal and external resources. It will help you in two ways: raise your positions in SERP and improve the recognition of your brand that, in turn, will help you attract more and more customers.

Don't forget about social networks as well. Create more accounts and keep them updated so the customers could reach you through many channels.

Good luck mate.

Anonymous User

Publish customer helping content. Give little tactics to the customer for growing their productivity. If you sell something give little offers daily.


Yes but make sure you publish the right kind of content. I see too often people that post content on their blog just to post content. The content needs to be something that answers a question for your visitors. Also once you post it be sure to share that post socially with all of your social media channels. Simply adding content alone won't drive in a ton of new customers.


Absolutely! But you'll need to walk that fine line of creating quality over quantity.

You need a lot of pages/posts on your site to start showing up in search results for more and more people, but the last thing you want to do is create "thin" content. The content you publish needs to thoroughly address your targets questions and needs.

Can you publish, say, 1 post every 2 weeks to start? Don't worry about ideal lengths - there's not as much of a sweet spot as some people try to make out (e.g. we've got an 800-word post that ranks #1 and a 3000-word post that ranks #1). A few pictures or graphics throughout the post will help, though the most important thing is that your content adds real value to viewers.

It will likely take some time (the rule of thumb is 6-12 months, starting from scratch), but this will help you rank higher, and will create a better experience for viewers - which will lead to more customers. :)


Yes of course, blogging is one of the best method to attract customers. This method provides you an opportunity to describe the things you want to. Content writing is the most important thing. Make sure that the content you are writing will provide a genuine information to the reader.


The more you post, the more range of people you can attract. Not every person will like what you post but what one person does not like, another will. It is to broaden your knowledge so you can reach an audience you never thought of, you can also post replies-comments in other peoples blogs and articles and the usual of sharing on your social media accounts.


Yes and Yes and Yes :) Blogging regularly and syndicating to social channels will build your rankings. Need ideas for blog topics? Here are the top ways to get an endless supply of good post ideas your customers will love: http://best4businesses.com/get-blog-post-ideas/


Hi Nidhi,

Yes, of course. In order for you to get your website out there, you need to publish relevant content for your niche. That's rule nr. 1.
After that, you can use social media & other marketing techniques. If you don't have CONTENT, then you need to create. ASAP.

Hope it helped :)

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