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I'm starting a tattoo business and need some help. Would you give me some advice?

I need to find a place where I would be able to buy all the stuff for my tattoo shop. Can you recommend me where to go?

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Anonymous User

I think you should look for some local suppliers first...


I would like to recommend you to contact those guys from https://tattooist.com/ I think you will be happy with what they can offer and you will find them helpful. I worked with them when I had a similar business and I can surely say that they are great


There are many suppliers online but I would gain advice from industry experts first. Attend a tattoo convention, that will show you what the best use, the equipment, the inks, the suggested creams for aftercare. Don't forget that while you're researching you are actually entitled to tax credits for the research and development phase of your business. Check out http://www.dsmranddtaxcredits.co.uk for all the info you need. I wish you well, I have over 7 tattoos and counting. Research and Development Tax Credits

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