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Can I sue my partner in court successfully if my name isn't on the LLC?

I don't have my name on his LLC, the business operation is under his LLC.

The documents I do have right now...
We both have our names on business property lease as partners.
We both have our names on the business bank account, me as a manager and partner.
We both file income tax Schedule K-1 1120S, me as 50% shareholder and partner.
Proof we have each put 50/50 money into the business.

My question is, can I sue him because he doesn't want to make a partnership agreement or dissolve the partnership... with all documents I have above? Am I strong enough to be considered a partner in court?

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The question, forgive me, is somewhat confusing. Are you currently partners?

May I respectfully ask you another question?

Have you considered researching, through questions as to his psychological triggers why he does not want to either form a partnership agreement (?) or dissolve it (?)?

There is a reason, either conscious or subconscious as to why he is resisting what you wish he would do. The task is to find out the emotional driver behind his behavior. Once you do that, you can problem solve creatively and collaboratively much easier and skillfully.

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