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Can you recommend a survey software for product review and research?

Dear community,

I am working for a company based in Washington. I would like to use a survey software to collect product feedback for our company. Could you please suggest some good survey softwares?


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There are standard software available for such jobs.

I suggest you to get software developed for your custom requirement. It will have survey forms as per your company/ product, market, etc. requirement, having no irrelevant columns. Also, you will be able to further integrate data collected/ information with your other systems to improve your marketing and product development needs.

A custom made survey app will be very helpful to fulfill your need. We developed similar app for field survey of health facilities for an African country.

I can help you to develop an App for this job.



I have used Surveygizmo and Sogosurvey and they are both good tools. I would suggest you start with a free trial for all the tools you are looking at and see which ones have built-in sample surveys and the features you want.

Good luck!

Anonymous User

Hi Ravish

The easiest tool for this work is https://www.surveymonkey.com/

Hope this helps.


Hi. I use the service ranktopten to find the best solution

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