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My website is constantly losing traffic for no obvious reason. Why may this be happening?

Who can provide a free expert opinion of why this may be happening? Please contact me via admin@personalmoneyservice.com. Nothing seems to has changed but we have experienced a huge drop in traffic.

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When did that start happening? Because my blog also lost a lot of traffic from Google. It started from 25 May 2018. After that decrease, I migrated to HTTPS and further decreasing. But I immediately updated almost a hundred articles until today, and no significant improvements. There are also a lot of people out there who lose traffic too. Seems it has been a Google dance time. Let's we see what could be happening in one month.


Check your backlinks. There's a chance you lost a valuable link to your site or a competitor overtook you in the rankings for a particular keyword that generates traffic for you. There's also a possibility that a recent algorithm change is impacting the rankings.


Do you have any targeted keywords, what marketing strategy do you use? Can you share your target keywords? Are there any link building strategies implemented?

Sorry, I thought people would see it in the email address since it can be deleted here. Here is the link: https://personalmoneyservice.com/

The website is big so we target many keywords, all of them are highly competitive. Yes, we use outreach strategies, edu links, and other high authority links to build a good profile. But it does not feel like enough anymore.


Are you using Yoast SEO Plugin?

Actually, I had troubles with it on my other website. I migrated from all-in-one-seopack to Yoast SEO and my "| Website Brand" would not show anywhere. I had to go back to all-in-one-seopack (yes, my I had this feature in my settings).

Heather Elmer asked you with reason because Yoast was targeted by Google and Google allowed to crawl and index files which were not before allowed. Here is an actual post of it borrowed from SEO Journal: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/yoast-plugin-bug/255639/

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