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What are things to look for when buying a used car?

Actually, how do you avoid mistakes? And what are tips for buying a used car?

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Anonymous User

The Chinese cars are cheap but if you choose wisely, they can work fine in your business logistic structure. If speaking about private usage, then I would rather take something more reliable. Anyway, if you are a QQ fan, you can find some interesting info about the vehicle here - https://listcarbrands.com. The site looks informative so I liked it.


In order to avoid mistakes, I suggest you have someone who knows all the details about cars. Also, make sure you get a full history of the car. As for customs broker, I recommend this website: http://clearit.ca. Check it out.


Look at the history of the car on Carfax and also go to Nada and Galves to check if you are at the correct price point!

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