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We lease office space. Where can we get backlinks?

We want to optimize our website. Who can link to us? Extra text to meet the minimum word requirement.

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Hi Maureen,

Glad to meet you here on business.com. You got great advice from other experts already.

How about asking all your tenants to link to your site from their sites?

Here's how: Have your webmaster prepare some HTML code with your keywords as anchor text and ask your renters to put on their sites.

You will get good link diversification, which Google loves, and lots of local link juice since they are all at your same physical location. Google DOES use GPS coordinates for search results.

Also, they are motivated to make you, the landlord happy, so are more apt to make the link live.


Hello Maureen,

As a serviced office space provider your market is reasonably well defined, in fact your property options make target selection relatively straightforward. If you are seeking backlinks in an attempt to optimise your site for local searches that you should list on local industry sites like: - Yelp; ny-offices.com; targetoffices.com; instantoffices.com etc. they are likely to be of most ranking value. However, achieving a better ranking has only any commercial value when your site genuinely delivers once found.

I would sincerely suggest that Social Media is by comparison a complete waste of your marketing resources and all attention should be directed at your existing website. What little content exists is extremely poor, and if left in its current state backlinks will only ever increase the visibility of an unengaging website. If your issue is SEO, then backlinks will not cure the fundamental failings of your website. Study your sites analytics, see where people are leaving your pages and work on making your property look and sound highly desirable.


The most effective links for your industry are links from social media, where people can see your current free spaces and respond quickly for your proposals. Create ads in social media and promote it by: hashtags, reposts into related communities, advertising.

You can also add links to your website to local directories in the city (cities) where you lend your office spaces.

Also you can try to answer on local forums, where people may llok for good office landlords

Anonymous User

Whilst social media might be a good way to build engagement attached to a domain or business, it does not generate backlinks that will be indexed and pass any weight in terms of SEO.

What would be examples of local directories?


Hey Maureen,

Start with online local listings (Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, etc.). If you have a budget for it, you could go through Yext.com to help you save time setting them up. Social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are good, too. You could even register your business on Glassdoor and similar sites for backlinks.

You could also guest blog for business-related websites on topics like "Things You Should Look for in a New Office" or "X Steps to the Perfect Office Setup" or "How to Know if a New Landlord Will Make You Miserable" or whatever is relevant for you. Interviews with local publishers could also be valuable. And then HARO is generally a good source - we use it all the time for Text Request.

Thankfully, there are a handful of options!

Thank you all!


This may be a dumb question but, why not just list on trullia or similar sites for traffic?


You Need Home and Realstate sites backlink i have same sites if you want i give you do-follow link with low price mail me kakolictg@gmail.com

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