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Any recommendations for a web based HR software?

We are looking for a web based HR software with all features like payroll management / employee self help portal etc.
So far we have seen all windows based software which are good, but we would like to go for a web based system. Any recommendations?

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The only advice I have is if you are going to use the HR solution to handle your payroll make sure you handle your taxes unless the company you select is Public and you can see their financial status.

There are hundreds of web based HR and payroll solutions on the market and if they fail to file and pay the payroll taxes the business owner is personally liable.


Yes, we provide two different web-based platforms to our clients, Employee Navigator and E.A.S.E. Central. There are a whole host of other platforms available and the pricing, advice and support varies. The vast majority simply provide the platform without the advice, but the latter is so critical to a successful implementation.


There are good web based HR software solutions. However, these are sometimes very hard to customize. We faced similar issues until we invested our efforts to use SharePoint. You can contact me in case you need help.


there are a few choices, it depends on how many ee's you have. this is what I do, I am happy to help you and/or demo some options. If you would like to contact me I am happy to talk to you.


Have you looked into payroll services that have HR as part of their package? Some of the big Payroll companies are overpriced, but Heartland payroll is rapidly growing because people really like the platform and it is priced very fairly. Not only does it offer the features such as the employee self service portal, but it also gives you access to an HR certified specialits to help direct you and answer any questions that you may have. I would be happy to get you more information, provide a demo of the software, and get you a quote if you are interested. It will be well worth your time.



The features you are looking at is available in Deputy and cost effective too.They are cloud based with great review and support team.

I hope it will be help for you.


Pranjal Neog


I'd recommend this: http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/UltiPro-Services


I agree with Omar...Ultimate software!


Based on your budget and the size of your organisation, there are several very good HR software available on both cloud as well as on premises. You could try contacting Adrenalin and Ramco for demos. Both these softwares are excellent and have all the features you mentioned and more. And both are priced pretty reasonably.


Hi Prashant,
We have a web based HR softwares with all features like payroll management/employee self help portal. For more details please call me at 9903451210.

could you please provide your website url

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