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Where to start with creating a website for our band?

We need help creating a website for our music band. None of us are a techie. Our budget is also tight. Where do we start from?

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If you have good knowledge of creating the website then follow below-mentioned step otherwise, I will suggest you hire a company like FATbit Technology (http://www.fatbit.com/).

Register your domain. There are many websites like GoDady, Namecheap, BigRock etc. that offer domain service you can choose one of the lists.
Purchase a hosting. Bluehost & Hostgator is one of the best hosting sites. You have also option to choose any other hosting because there are many good hosting service provider are available, is also of the best hosting service provider.
Choose a platform where you create website. I would suggest you to go with WordPress platform. Wordpress is the best platform to build the website. there are many themes are available on WP platform and plugin makes your website work easily.


1) Register your domain -- there are hundreds of places to do this, but don't pay more than $10/year (check the second year, because that's when everyone jacks up the price). I like Namecheap.com.
2) Use a website builder platform -- Weebly and Wix are drag and drop builders, and much easier than Wordpress. I prefer Weebly, which has an audio player, so you can easily load music samples.
3) If you want to sell anything, don't use Weebly's ecommerce. Instead, use an Ecwid or Shopify plugin. If you want to focus on ecommerce, you may want to go with Shopify for your total site.
4) You'll want to optimize your site for search (visit my website for a free guide that explains what this is and how to do it).
5) Launch the site by pointing your domain name to your Weebly site.

That's the technical side. Creating the right content is the other -- be sure to deliver just what your fans are looking for, from a great description and band pics, through sound clips and buy now options and gig calendar.

Good luck!

Anonymous User

As a music fan, I would suggest looking at your own network of friends, who may have the skills or know someone with experience of website development; from which they can showcase the site to build their portfolio of clients and generate fans of your band.


A website for a band is important, but more important is being found, so it is more than just having a website. A website is an investment in your future and is a marketing/sales tool that has to be kept up to date and has to be found otherwise it is wasting money if it does not look professional or if it cannot be found.

If you are looking to spend a couple hundred dollars you will get exactly what you paid for. I am not sure where you are but to professionally done website that is search engine optimized and has all of the right security in place (avoid hacking) it would be around $1500 - $2000. (Canada) by a smaller web firm out from large cities.

You could probably find some web developers who would do it for less on a template on one of the CMS systems that would still look professional and would be hosted by a company and customized a bit so it did not look like the standard template. You might get something closer to $1000.00.

Non-techies can create websites on Website platforms such as Weebly, Yola, Wix....., but the issue is if you do not have web expertise and understand web, SEO, size of pictures, colour schemes and such - it will be difficult.

There are a lot of companies in Eastern Europe & Far East that do web development for a lot less. - it is about finding one that is reputable There are companies that are - but I would ask to speak to references in your area.
There was a company we dealt with here that hired an overseas firm that charged them $1500.00 - it looked great but they stole all of the content off one of their competitor's site and almost ended up in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. If you are going to look for someone for less - check out their credentials. You might find some young web developers starting out who are looking to build up their portfolio.

Here is a great article I saved a while back that I share with some of my clients. http://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/cost-to-build-a-website/


Well. I hope this helps;
1. Identify the primary content of your site.
2. How often shall you be updating the site; weekly, daily, hourly etc. this helps to ascertain the level of dynamism required for the site.
3. Identify your target audience and adjust visualizations and content accordingly. Work with something that "appears musical".

Anonymous User

My first question is do you have a logo? If not, start with that to give you a colour scheme and before you start designing. If you're not techie then building a Wordpress website from scratch is quite a lot to learn quickly and things can get in a tangle if you're not careful. If your website's simply for sending fans and potential clients to, then use one of the free website builders for now. There are some created specifically for bands to help you include music, gig listings etc and a great example and affordable at $8 per month is https://bandzoogle.com - I'm not affiliated with them in anyway but did have a client who built a great website using this tool. Good luck!


I recommend doing a Facebook page.
It will allow you to add events, sell merchandise and easily track your followers

In combination you can use "easy" online services designed for bands:

Anonymous User

Start by grabbing a domain via go-daddy or a similar plaform. Install wordpress, add a theme, it's all pretty simple from there and the ones running the servers will walk you through most of it.


If you're not a tech savvy person, just pick one of these highly customizable music WP themes http://www.templatemonster.com/category/music-WordPress-themes/ and add your content. If you aim to build an effective and aesthetically-pleasing website for your music band, be sure to go with any of those themes!


You can pick up a free Wordpress site on Wordpress.com and upload an inexpensive theme like this one. https://themeforest.net/item/sound-stage-a-professional-wordpress-theme-for-music-bands/15742657?s_rank=9

Learning Wordpress is fairly easy and you can customize thousands of details.

Good luck.

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