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What are some different ways to qualify leads before you give them something on your website?

I've just started coaching/consulting Financial Advisors. I'm just about to launch my site. I want to add a link that allows a visitor to set up a 15 minute courtesy consult (using appt setting app like calendly or timetrade). Is this a bad idea? I'd like to do some pre-qualification, i.e. discourage non-ideal clients from asking for a consult. Ideas, thoughts?

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Hi Colleen,

I worked for a while for a financial planner. I suggest marketing automation. Give them a free pdf or ebook with some of the first steps they need to take or consider. In the form they need to fill out before they get it, ask them up to 3 pertinent questions. Make them required. As a call-to-action at the end of the ebook, as well as in a subsequent email, pose some if/then questions, then put the link to schedule the call. You want to capture their email address with a freebie. Then you can drip market to them based on questions answered or what they click on in the emails.

I use TimeTrade and the link is open on my site for those who wish to talk to me. Yes, some will not be able to afford to hire me, but more than likely they'll be a candidate for my online social media classes. And then again, they could become a referral source.

MailChimp has an easy-to-use, low-cost marketing automation system.

AZSocialMediaWiz . com


I think your approach is spot on. I utilize something similar, that I learned from a coach of mine.

To give it a name, I use a Triage and Strategy Session approach for conversion. Triage is a scheduled 15-minute conversation (I use TimeTrade), where I quickly determine where they are and what they need -- and then assuming we both agree it makes sense, we schedule a 1-hour strategy meeting to get into more detail - and hopefully close them for my services. Both discussions have a type of 'agenda', that is critical to follow, since they are proven to work.

I'd be happy to share more with you if you want to pm me. In the meantime, ironically, I just put a free video together (it's part of a series) that includes a discussion of this approach. Feel free to get it. I think you will find it interesting. The link is here: http://bit.ly/2d2REXX (It's "Video 3".)


There will always be curious individuals, writers and others that wish to download your information. As a writer, I myself download libraries of information in the hopes of finding a new gem that I can tie into an article or other piece of content..

Lead nurturing via an email string will over time score the lead, and you'll then know who is a quality lead.


Hi Coleen, it's a great idea.

We do the same to prequalify leads for our solutions. Our online form will ask a few pre-qualifying questions, one of which if they are a decision maker. A simple YES or NO will give us a strong indication. This prequalifies them to a courtesy brochure & a Live DEMO of our solution.

Best of luck to your coaching/consulting business and the launch of your website.


Maybe some pre qualifying questions - down with Drop down windows- make sure they at least answer some questions first.... you want to find up what the major pains are.... even if think you know them -getting them to say it will be better than you telling them....


Hi Colleen You could always ask a few qualifying questions. What is the size of your book. How many years experience do you have. Do you have expertise in one specific area. What would you like covered in your fee consult. The alternative is the link could say you will qualify for a 5-30 minute free consult. once you have the person on the call you will determine the length of the call. For a non prospect 5 minutes is plenty. For a great prospect 30 minutes may not be enough.


Free to one is free to all. Part of the process is to learn about the potential customers and focus on the ones that show a need for your business.

Anonymous User

Great idea. Offer this via a downloadable "explanation of what that will include" but before they download ask for their email address, name and perhaps phone number. The article should include a link to a form on your site to book it in - or ask for more information.

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