What are some of the best routes to take in marketing?

I'm in the moving industry. I want to generate more leads for my business, but I'm kind of drawing a mental blank when it comes to what avenues I should take in advertising and marketing.

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The absolute best thing to do is hire someone to help you. Most business owners are really good at what they do. I am certain you really understand the moving industry. But when it comes to doing the other aspects of running a business, especially marketing, most business owners suck (pardon my French). You need a plan, a strategy, a process and a system to get it done.

Determining your target market is the first step. Then determining their problems and how you help solve those problems is step two. Next, copy is key. Words are what sells and if you don't get the message correct nothing else matters. If you are not a good writer and understand how to write copy, then you might not succeed.

We took a small moving firm from about 70 calls a month to over 900 by modifying his ad using the marketing conversion equation: Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer. He had so much work, he hired three of his competitors to help.



I would suggest you do a combination of both marketing and advertising. From what I have seen with your Facebook page, you have some great reviews from which will help you generate leads and will you can use in your advertising to potential customers. However, most important I would suggest you go about establishing partnerships with real estate firms to gain referrals for customers looking for a house removal company plus look building a website as well.

Great advice, Jermaine!


This is a great question, and you already have part of the answer. In addition to email and social media marketing, handouts are just as important. Great locations for hand out materials are; rental agencies, different small businesses, family friends. Someone is always looking to move. Remember, marketing is more than 80% of the business when you are getting started. If I can assist in any way, email luvurcity1125@gmail.com


Use local SEO to get your site found in local searches, make sure it is optimised for Voice. Check out my site for Voice Search (http://retrieverdigital.co.uk)

Advertise in local press, church/parish magazines. Use flyers. Advert in FridayAd and similar magazines.

Network in local groups.

Sponsor relevant charities.


In addition to the great answers you have already received, start business networking with businesses that can make referrals. Start networking with realtors, interior designers, autioneers, aution houses, home builders, etc.
Think of other industries whose clients would need a mover.
Go to events where large items are being sold like clearance events, estate sales, etc. Network and pass your flyers there. People that attend auctions, clearance sales and estate sales are often repeat buyers.
Reach out to consignment stores, home expos and small furniture stores that may or may not have their own moving trucks, etc.

In this age of digital marketing -- don't forget the business networking. People still do business with people they know, like and trust. Get out there and meet people.
Build co-marketing plans with organizations that share your target client market. Cross-market with those business owners.

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